May 11, 2021

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Top Hollywood Movies

Top Hollywood Movies

With 2018 being in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to bring in the top 5 Hollywood movies of 2018. Another high and good year for many movies; well, some on Oscar, some Grammy, some Emmy and much more. Let’s spot some of it right here. Take a read:

  • Roma: Clearly portraying the struggles between two women of different life experiences & backgrounds; this brilliant story positions the difficulty and pains of a privileged family against the struggles of their live-in housekeeping. How pronunciations of love from the family turn out to be different in every way. In short, it is a beautiful brutal story with the natural performances & finest cinematography.


  • Shoplifters: Another remarkable movie that is taking the stop on top 5 Hollywood movies of 2018. The movie is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming human moments for characters. Despite their different backgrounds, they end-up holding their dignity & display mutual affection and loves. In short, the movie is an enjoyable, exceptionally engrossing & tear-inducing trump of story-telling.


  • Sorry to Bother You: The year’s most surprising and strangest movie is also hands-down amongst the widely & finest entertaining. The fabulous cast and smart cast of the movie proved every segment of making the movie the biggest hit.

Sorry to Bother You

  • If Beale Street Could Talk: Director Barry Jenkins follows-up his Oscar winning film ‘Moonlight’ with another tale of love, resistance, family to societal in-equalities. The movie is an adaptation like it’s about witnessing true visual literature at work. The cast is known to be amongst the greatest ensemble work of 2018.

If Beale Street Could Talk

  • A Star Is Born: The movie that was predicted to be a win-win with the Academy Award for best picture. The musical numbers and charismatic performances made the movie look amazing. There are many powerful implications about how men who supposedly promote or help women’s careers & interests can use women as tools for their own self-promotion & attempted redemption. Quite an improvising movie!

A Star Is Born

Curious to Know More About Hollywood Movies of 2018, here:

  • You Were Never Really Here: Dream-like & filled with recovery and trauma, director Lynne Ramsey’s latest movie is further proof that she makes most of the movie with the mixture of emotionally, visually, and thematically compelling movies around. Not to miss, Joaquin Phoenix delivers his phenomenal performance besides ‘The Master’.

You Were Never Really Here

  • Hereditary: It is a slow burn portrayal of familial disintegration & insanity; and, one of the shocking horror scenes in the history of cinema. This movie is known as one of the greatest horror movies of 2018.


  • We the Animals: A full-slice movie that portrayed a childhood for a young boy in a fractured home that is full of occasional love, violence, and fear. But, due to its limited edition, the movie never got the attention it deserved from critics or audiences.

We the Animals

  • Avengers: Infinity War: Marvel studios presented series of Avengers with no less than 20-plus characters; It is a crushing experience & emotionally fulfilling like no other. The visual effects made the movie spectacular.

Avengers Infinity War

There you have top Hollywood movies of 2018. We hope you loved it. Do give us your opinions about any favorite movie you have.