May 11, 2021

Getting A Crew Cut May Be Your Best Haircut Decision And Here Is Why

Best Haircut

A crew cut is one of the most popular haircuts for men. And there are several good reasons for this. It offers you much freedom in terms of maintenance and simplicity when it comes to styling. However, it does not mean that everyone who opts for this haircut looks the same. It can be successfully adjusted to enhance your facial features and match your personal style. What is more, it works for all hair types, so you can rest assured that it is going to suit you. Wait no longer to explore our guide for a dose of inspiration and the best styling tips.

How Would You Describe A Crew Cut?

A crew cut, the most detailed guide to which can be found on our MensHairCuts website, is very often confused with other popular short mens haircuts. So that it will not happen to you, let’s clear things out. A crew cut is a mens haircut that implies trimming the hair on the top short and upright. Because the hair length becomes shorter towards the back, you get a short pomp at the front hairline. The top is usually complemented with a taper or fade on the sides and back for an added definition.

Will A Crew Cut Work For Me?

It sure will. Regardless of the shape of your face and the type of your hair, a crew cut will almost certainly look good on you. However, you should take care to choose the style that flatters your facial features best.

How Do I Get A Crew Cut?

Like with most haircuts, a surefire way to end up with the right hair look is to entrust this task to a skilled barber. Though, to tell them the name of the desired haircut is not always enough. In the case of a crew cut, you should also specify how long the hair on top should be and what cut you want on the sides and back. Thus, the top should be trimmed or scissor cut to length from one to two inches, whereas the sides can be faded or tapered using a trimmer with a guard size between #2 and #4.

The Trendiest Crew Cut Hairstyle Ideas To Try

To help you out with the choice, we have selected the most fashionable and popular crew cut options as claimed by MensHairCuts. You are welcome to find them below.

An Original Crew Cut

It comes as no surprise that going for a classic version of a crew cut is a fail proof option. But you should not think that it will make you look plain and boring. Not only does it come out edgy and daring, but it also creates a neat and clean profile. So, even if you have to abide by dress code rules, a crew haircut is your sure bet.

A Long Crew Hairstyle

When talking about a long variation of a crew haircut, we do not imply that you will be able to tie your hair in a pony, as this will be a completely different haircut. A long crew haircut features just slightly longer hair on the top of the head than a classic version. However, it should be long enough to give it a messy finish, which results in an effortless and breezy hair look.

A Short Crew Haircut

If you prefer extremely short haircuts, then you can simply get your crew haircut trimmed shorter than normally. Although it may no longer suit a formal ambiance, the look you are going to end up with will not let you go unnoticed. On top of that, the styling is absolutely effortless, as it is not required at all.

A Textured Crew Hair Look

Textured haircuts are gaining more popularity day after day and no wonder. By texturizing your hair, you make it look more defined and structured, while the styling becomes much easier. As a result, your overall appearance seems more relaxed and easy going.

A Curly Crew Hairstyle

For curly and wavy haired guys, a crew haircut is a must try option. With such a defined hair texture that you have, this iconic haircut will gain a really attractive and cutting-edge flair. Moreover, it keeps your kinky hair in order while not requiring much styling.

As you can tell, a crew cut is nothing short of boldness and versatility. It looks stylish and attractive while also being practical and low maintenance. Sounds convincing enough to go for this cool haircut, right?