May 11, 2021

Easy and Simple: The Best Online PDF Converter

Online PDF Converter

There has been a huge increase in tools like PDF converters since the corporate world takes a step closer to paperless. So, it is not a surprise that whenever you search for an online PDf converter on your web browser, it will yield you many tools to choose from. But how will you know it’s the best? What features should you factor in when choosing one?

There are a lot of advantages in converting your files into a PDF file. One can’t simply alter or change any of the file’s content without leaving a digital footprint. Choosing to convert your files to PDF will make it easier for you to edit and manage them with these tools. So, what is the best tool to use, you ask? Well, it’s no other than GoGoPDF. 

What is GoGoPDF?

You can access GoGoPDF directly from your web browser. This means you can access it anytime and anywhere you want, given that you have an internet connection. It is an online PDF converter that has more than 20 tools for editing all your PDF files. It offers a wide array of file formats you can convert to and from, including HTML, JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, PPT, and it also offers reverse conversion if you want it the other way around.

GoGoPDF is truly one of the most convenient platforms whenever you want to edit or manage your PDF files. It is free to use for any person in different walks of life. Whether you are a student, a working professional, and even an average joe wouldn’t have any problems using it. The best part of it is that anyone can use it since it’s free of charge, but, of course, it has certain limitations.

Platform Compatibility

GoGoPDF prides itself on its flexibility and versatility that its services can be accessed on any type of device, operating system, or web browser. You are guaranteed that you will not encounter any compatibility issues since it has been fully optimized to be used on mobile devices. Whether your computer has a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you can still access their services.

Direct Use

Since GoGoPDF is entirely web-based, it does not need any app or software installed on your device to use it. You can directly access their services whenever and wherever you want, just with your web browser. It also eliminates any risk that comes along with any app or software download.

File Safety

Usability is one thing, but security is another, right? We are pretty sure we can all agree to that. Fortunately for us, GoGoPDF has managed to combine these two things into an all-in-one online PDF converter with high-security levels. GoGoPDF guarantees to all its users that your files and documents are safe and secure whenever you access their services.

No more worrying about any security concerns since they have installed SSL encryption to guarantee that your files are encrypted as you transmit them over the internet. GoGoPDF’s company policy states that it does not store or keep anything you have input, including credit card information, security codes, or even your files. As per their policy, your files are automatically deleted after sixty minutes of uploading, which only means that your files are less prone to security issues.

You might say that you can just use an incognito mode and use any online PDF converter. But what you may not know about the incognito mode is that it does not improve your security in any way. All you would be doing is hiding your activities from yourself and keeping your browser history hidden. Even your IP address will remain visible, and the websites you’ll visit will store your actions’ data. 

Fast and Easy Process

When you use GoGoPDF’s converter tools or any other tools for that matter, you are guaranteed that your files will come out with high-quality and without any reformatting needed. It will come out just the way you processed it, and on top of that, it wouldn’t take much of your time. The conversion process would normally take about just a few seconds, depending on how big or how many files you are processing.

Pro Version

We might have mentioned above that GoGoPDF is free to use. Well, it’s not technically false, but GoGoPDF offers a Pro Version that gives you a much better experience when using their services. You will have the ability to process as many files as you want simultaneously and still have the highest quality conversions. You will also finally remove all those bothersome pop-up ads that do nothing but consume your time.


Choosing GoGoPDF will be the best decision you will ever make. It is not only easy and simple to use, but it also gives you the highest quality, the most convenient way of converting, and on top of that, your files are safe and secure.