May 11, 2021

Ultimate Two Block Haircut Guide For Stylish Lads

Haircut Guide For Stylish Lads

Men’s hair fashion is changing rapidly at the moment. While classy looks are still in style, the trends are changing, and men all over the globe are trying hard to adapt. With the increase of KPOP popularity, two-block haircuts have become all the rage throughout the globe. If you think about it, there is no wonder why – ladies are crazy about the style.

According to LoveHairstyles, two block haircut will be in high demand with the upcoming season, and it’s best that you adopt the trend before it becomes mainstream. To assist you in understanding the style better, we have compiled this informative guide. It takes a bit of your attention to become a true chick magnet!

Two Block Haircut – The Basics

Before we proceed with the ways to style and experiment with the cut, you need to be fully aware of what it is. A two-block haircut has some peculiar similarities with an undercut. With the sides and lower back trimmed down shortly. However, what interests us most is the top, which is left significantly longer. Due to the extended length of the hair on top, the style is very versatile and easy to experiment with.

How Do You Style a Trendy Two Block Haircut?

Upon the cut’s primary glance, it seems that the cut is challenging to maintain and time-consuming. However, the first impression is usually a misleading one, and this is the case. Keeping the sides and back well-trimmed, all it takes is a fast blow-drying and a bit of hair product to style the top.

Best Ways to Sport a Two Block Cut

The main reason why the style has acquired such increased popularity is that it is insanely versatile. There are shortcuts, medium, and long two-block hairstyles to play around with. Here are the most requested looks of the upcoming season:

Dyed two Block for Ultra Trendy Fellows

If you seek ways to resemble those stylish K-pop male stars, then a two-block cut should come paired with modern dying applied. In case you are not ready to introduce bold greens and blues into the style, there are always subtler shades to consider. Silver, bronze, and platinum hues are among the most required options. If you wish to stand out, then dyeing the top and the sides differently is a worthy suggestion.

Messy Two-Block Cut

Among other peculiarities of the two-block cut comes the fact that it can be suited to both classy and casual styles. If you are seeking the latter, then a messy haircut comes in handy. You can easily introduce additional waves and crimps to amplify the effect. Do not forget about a fair share of styling products to keep the look neat and well-cared.

Two Block Cut with Layers

When the same length on top, a two-block cut may be challenging to style, especially if it’s your primary experiment. To ease things out, trendy layers come in handy. With a fair share of suitable layers, the cut, even without styling, will look well-groomed and fashionable. To improve the appearance and grant it some more polished effect, hair wax or any other product of choice will deal with the task seamlessly.

Straight Two-Block Cut

If you are not a fan of layers, then a straight two-block is an option too. However, you should remember that cuts with straight bangs, to which two-block one belongs to, go exceptionally well with oval or long faces. If you have a round face shape, then another option is to be considered.

Two Block Haircut With a Fringe

Those of you who are usually pressed for time and do not like to spend a lot of time on hair styling should better skip the option. Cuts of this type require texture. Thus, precise blow-drying and volume are necessary. Usually, the volume is added to one side or to the front, depending on the preferences.

Short Two Block Haircut

Some men are interested in the most stylish look that can be achieved with the least effort involved. That is when a short variation of the two-block cut comes in handy. Due to the decreased length, the hair will fall into place naturally. Despite the low-maintenance, a short two-block cut is well-designed to define your facial features and enhance the style.