April 13, 2021

Where to Find The Best Load Boards?

Find The Best Load Boards

Find The Best Load Boards

If you are a freelance delivery person and looking for the beat shipments then searching for the appropriate load boards is. A great challenge. With the help of this guide, we will help you in finding the best load boards to get the most profitable jobs.

There are many load boards available out there. But there are only a few that will provide you with free services. Usually, the load boards charge the users with the signup fees with which many users are not comfortable as their main motive is to search for the jobs. But some load boards provide you with a completely free service. They only charge some amount of money once you win any bid.

How does a load board work? 

On different types of load boards, there are postings of jobs available and updated every 30 seconds. You can choose the best type of work according to your choice and your convenience. There are different types of loads available on these load boards available. You can pick the best according to your requirements. These load boards will help you to chose and filter the jobs according to your needs and requirements.

Different types of loads available on load boards

Mentioned below are different types of loads available on these load boards. Let’s have a look at all the major types of loads available.

  • Freight load boards

If you are looking out for some common freight jobs then you can easily get them on the freight load boards.

  • Truckload board

You can also find the truckloads to fill your truck. You can also find the whole house moves and office moves easily on these load boards.

  • Courier load boards

If you are searching for an item that needs to be delivered super quickly, then you can easily find the best services on the courier load boards. There are a great variety of courier job requests on these load boards.

  • Car hauler load boards

These days car hauling is a super popular platform that provides the user’s car delivery jobs posted frequently. You can easily find jobs related to car hauling on these platforms easily.

  • Power only load board

Power only load board will provide you with the best trailer moving jobs available. You simply need to search for this on your load board platform and check that the pickup location is near your location. Then you are absolutely good to go and complete the task.

  • Sprinter van load boards

If you are looking for smaller shipment services you can easily find the best payable and profitable jobs under these sprinter van load boards.


So here are the best types of load boards with the help of which you can easily find the best freelancing delivery jobs. You can also signup at shiply and start getting profitable delivery jobs with the help of these load boards right away. These load boards are the most popular and convenient way to get jobs and to earn money. Many people and the delivery person tend to earn a greater amount of money as compared to these fixed jobs.