May 11, 2021

Top Car Care Accessories To Protect Your Car in Spring

Top Car Care Accessories To Protect Your Car in Spring
  • Between the precipitation, mud, and chemicals on the road used to melt ice, winter can be tough on your vehicle. Spring is a time to give your car a thorough cleaning and detailing, inside and out, to remove the residues left by winter and restore the vehicle to its original beauty.
  • Nevertheless, though the ice-melt chemicals probably won’t be in use again until next winter, the precipitation, mud, and debris is likely to persist through the spring season. You need to protect your vehicle and preserve the hard work you have done in cleaning, polishing, and sealing it following the depredations of winter. Among the top protective automotive accessories are car covers and RV covers.
  • What Hazards Does Spring Bring to Your Vehicle
  • While the weather tends to warm up in spring, strong storms are still possible, sometimes involving hail that can do damage to your vehicle body and windshield. Car covers can provide at least a measure of protection from hail, especially if the ice pellets are small. Nevertheless, it is preferable to park indoors when possible if large hail is expected. Once the storm is over, the ground is likely to remain muddy until there are sufficient sunny days to dry it out.
  • During the spring, birds return from their yearly migration south and flying insects come out of hibernation. Trees produce leaves, blossoms, and seeds that are often shed throughout the season. If you park your car outside, you leave it vulnerable to bird droppings and tree debris. Bugs can smash on your car body while you are driving. A car cover can protect your vehicle while it is parked, while paint protection film can keep bugs off while it is in transit.
  • Even the act of tuning your car to get it ready for spring may put the body in peril. If fluids such as brake fluid, coolant, or oil should spill on the body during routine maintenance, it could damage the paint job. Fortunately, fender covers allow you to protect your paint job while performing the necessary maintenance to prepare your vehicle for spring.
  • Easy Car Cover Install Tips
  • To optimize the protection that you receive from your car cover, you must install it correctly. When you first take the car cover out of the bag, locate the front. There is usually a tag or a stamp to identify this. Secure this end over the front bumper.
  • If you don’t have a car antenna that retracts, you will have to put a hole in the cover to allow it to go through. Your car cover should include an antenna patch backed with adhesive. Place this in the area where the antenna would hit the cover to identify where to punch the hole.
  • A custom car cover may have pockets for the side mirrors. If so, pull the pockets over the mirrors before pulling the cover the rest of the way over the vehicle and securing the back to the rear bumper.
  • Most people experience spring as a time of hope and renewal. However, it can still pose risks to your vehicle. A custom car cover from an online retailer is a way to protect your investment during this sometimes tumultuous season.