May 11, 2021

Motorcycle Insurance Myths That You Should Not Believe

Motorcycle Insurance Myths That You Should Not Believe

Motorcycles have become the common man’s means of transportation in today’s day and age. With increasing congestion, driving a car can not only be tiring, but also a tedious process. With a two-wheeler, you need not worry about traffic snarls taking up most times of your commute and manoeuvre through the traffic.

If you have a motorcycle, then motorcycle insurance is mandatory. The law makes it compulsory for all two-wheeler owners to have an insurance policy. While you select a suitable two-wheeler insurance cover, there are a few myths that you should not pay heed to. This article debunks some of these myths to make it easier for you to select the right two wheeler insurance policy.

#1 Motor insurance is costly and unnecessary.

As it is essential to invest in safety equipment like helmets and jackets for the rider, your bike also needs protection. Bike insurance is necessary because it is a safety net for damages or repairs that may be required. Riding safely does not make you immune to accidents that might not be your fault. Thus, safe riders also need to have an insurance policy that is adequate in all aspects. Further, bike insurance plans come in multiple options that make it affordable for every type of buyer. Besides, comparing multiple plans at once can help you get a good two wheeler insurance price

#2 My bike does not need extra protection.

Another popular myth that surrounds two-wheeler insurance is that the bike itself doesn’t need any protection. Accidents are not the only peril an insurance cover protects, but also threats like theft, fire, floods, earthquakes and more. These damages are beyond your control and a two-wheeler insurance policy can help you safeguard your bike. Moreover, two-wheeler insurance covers are available at different price ranges, thus making it easy to pick an affordable plan.

#3 Buying insurance is a tiring process as well as time-consuming

While it may be a thing of the past, buying insurance is no longer time-consuming. Also, there aren’t many documents that make it tiring anymore. The digital revolution in the country has made it easier to obtain insurance policies from the convenience of your couch. Further, the insurance portals are designed in such a way to make it less boring and more interactive and at the same time informative too. Thus, selecting your policy while being aware of all the necessary information is now possible in online purchase too. When it comes to making payment online, these portals have secure encryption layers that make it safe to transfer your money and have an instant insurance cover.

#4 Insurance plans come into the picture only after an accident

Two-wheeler insurance plans are not limited in their coverage to accidents, but also have other benefits like breakdown cover, duplicate keys, towing service, etc. While some of these services are available as optional, you can customise your insurance policy to provide maximum coverage as per requirement.

These are some myths that you can steer clear of. Whether you’re buying bike insurance policy for the first time or due for your two wheeler insurance renewal, these truths can help you select the right policy considering your coverage requirement and your budget.