April 13, 2021

How to Improve your Performance – Top Cricket Betting Tips You Need to Follow

Top Cricket Betting Tips

Top Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. Nearly 2 billion people enjoy it across the globe, and the number is growing rapidly. At the international level, the game format includes Test matches, One Day Internationals, and T20 games.

More importantly, cricket is a complicated game, and multiple factors can influence it. Our aim is to help you improve your betting performance by using multiple strategies.

This guide will help you with the top cricket online betting tips to incorporate a thorough approach and formulate a stellar betting strategy.

Learn about the game

Continue to learn about the changes in the games and the platform you are betting on. If you are betting on a T20 match and using the same strategy that you used to win the bet on a test game will not work. The idea is to make your betting style adaptable to the format or any changes in the game.

There is the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Tri-series, Asia Cup, World Cup, and many other tournaments. You can bet on almost anything, but the question is do you know enough about online cricket betting. You need to be proficient with the game format so that you know of the changes you have to make.

Keeping up with the performance

As a bettor, you should always be checking the performance of the team and the player before placing the bet. Rating for a cricket team is determined by the number of matches played and the total number of points. But you can look at other factors like winning percentage, run rate, team standing, past performances, etc.

But it is not always ideal to be completely dependent on the ratings. You need to check the performance of a player in the last few games as well. Let’s say a new player in the IPL has been scoring in every match, and his ratings are poor.

That is why you should assess the performance graph of the player and modify your bet accordingly.

History of the Ground

You need to keep the performance of the team in mind at a particular ground. For instance, the Australian team enjoyed a 100% winning rate in ODIs at the Manuka Oval Ground in Canberra. But the record was broken in a recent ODI game between Australia and India.

Moreover, it is essential to consider the conditions of the ground as well. The pitch conditions can transform winning and losing analysis. For example, a pitch with a hard surface is great for batsmen but does little for the bowlers.

Weather conditions

No other game gets as influenced by the weather as cricket. Severe weather changes can even lead to the postponement or cancellation of the match.

More importantly, it is the minor changes that affect the gaming situation as well. For instance, warm sun with good sunlight is ideal for the batsmen to score good runs, but bad weather will favour the bowlers.

So, it is wise to structure your predictions by taking note of the weather conditions along with the daily forecast.

Coin toss

Before the commencement of the game, the umpire and the captains of both the teams come out for the toss. A coin is tossed to determine which team will bat or bowl first.

The point is that a good number of teams hope to win the toss to turn the tides into their favour. For example, nearly 35% of teams that win the toss in a test match win the entire game.

Moreover, the coin toss is considered important because the management (including captain and coach) chooses the players based on the ground’s conditions. If the pitch is hard, then the team will want to bat first and hope to win the toss. So, if your team lost the toss and ended up bowling first, then you will need to modify your betting strategy.


The tips mentioned above are of paramount importance, but there should no limit to your research. There are multiple cricket formats for you to bet on, and you utilize your knowledge to improve your performance.