May 11, 2021

Do not Let 2020 End without Watching These Best 2020 TV Shows

Best 2020 TV Shows

Best 2020 TV Shows

Let us be honest, don’t we all feel like that 2020 had just started, a few days ago?

The year 2020 has not been a good year for anyone. With the whole global outbreak of the coronavirus, a high number of deaths, fear, financial crisis, and global chaos nothing has been going right since the beginning of 2020.

However, even amidst this chaotic and unprecedented time, television has managed to deliver some epic stories on our TV screens. From timeless storylines to amazing sequels, television productions have catered to the high demand for entertainment.

We are living in a time where each one of us depends upon each other, the internet, devices, and television screens. And why wouldn’t we? The global pandemic has not only stolen our normal routine life, but also enforced a lifestyle upon us that we were not prepared for.

Social distancing, staying at home, closure of public gathering, and not being allowed to meet anyone are just some changes to address the pandemic. And even now, when months have passed in this monotonous routine we are still standing at the mercy of the outbreak and trying to follow whatever the pandemic commands.

While a lot of fear has subsided, we are not yet out of troubled waters. Hence, people are still in need of a quick dose of entertainment every now and then because of the inability of working in a normal routine. By staying at home, working at home, and managing to survive under the shadow of a pandemic, the need for television entertainment will remain a big part until the pandemic ends, and maybe even after it ends.

In such times even cable TV services such as WOW cable and its likes have come forward to help their customers spend the pandemic with sanity. By subscribing to a good cable TV such as WOW, people can spend their time indoors without getting bored. Just check out spectrum silver package and you can see what entertainment treasures it has in store for you.

If you have exhausted your watch list and are looking for new content to binge on, then we have a great list for you. Check it out:

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi

Since the coronavirus outbreak, travel bans imposed around the globe have left wanderlusts in disarray. However, there is no need to be disappointed because even at home you can satisfy that travel lust with some visual pleasure.

With Padma Lakshmi, you can find how your favorite foods are made. It reveals the nuances of your favorite food places in America, so you can find everything and anything about America with her series. Her Hulu series takes you to the deepest spots across America that will give you the real pleasure of traveling in the giant land.

Dead to Me 2

One of the greatest shows of all time, Dead to Me, was a promising show that was screaming for a successful Season 2 and so here it is. The Season 2 of Dead to Me has managed to contain the charm and complexity of the first season.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini epically anchors the dark comedy with the expertise we all have been craving for in these unprecedented times.

The humor that comes with the bizarre concept of death draws fits of laughter, which was much needed throughout this time.

So make sure you do not miss the roller coaster of emotions that the show delivers.

I May Destroy You

One of the best new series created by BBC One, I may Destroy You, shows Arabell (played by Michaela Coel), whose drink was spiked one night. The unfortunate spiked drink leads to her sexual assault.

The show portrays her as a brave survivor of sexual assault. The TV show depicts the series of memories put together by Arabelle’s into processing what happened to her. The series is filled with ups and downs and revolves around dark comedy, strength, vulnerability, and epic performances.


The team that pulled off Last Chance U has now brought an epic visionary documentary to our screen. Netflix’s six-part about the cheer team from Corsicana, Texas is a must-watch

The series revolves around academic year and a national competition in Daytona beach.

Each series of Cheers is a lesson for those who take cheerleading lightly. It highlights the fundamentals of cheerleading and shows that cheerleading is no easy feat.

Ready to binge watch?

It might have become hard for you to find what to watch next during the pandemic, therefore, we have made a whole list of some amazing TV shows to watch before the end of 2020. Hope you will have fun watching these.