May 9, 2021

How to Look for the Best and Safest PG Accommodation In Pune in this Pandemic?

PG Accommodation

PG Accommodation

With the upliftment of the lockdown, things are moving back to normal, though with plenty of precautions that need to be followed. One of the biggest developments has been the resumption of college admission activities. Pune as a leading educational hub in the country is gearing up to manage footfalls from aspirants who migrate from across the country for better opportunities. This year, though on-campus facilities, rental accommodation, and PGs in Pune find themselves under scrutiny, with health and hygiene factors becoming a top priority for everyone. While some people are skeptical about moving to another city at this time, we think the focus should be more on finding a place that follows all precautions so you can benefit from the opportunities of a new place while being safe. So, if you are also looking for a safe PG in Pune, we are here to help you make the right choices.

Check for a Place that Follows Healthcare Advisories

Adhering to advisories issued by the government and healthcare bodies is critical to protect yourself against the disease. From basic practices like washing your hands thoroughly and regularly, wearing masks to keeping your places sanitized – everything is a step towards your collective safety. Look for a place that has specific rules and measures on these aspects. These accommodation options should ensure frequent housekeeping, covering sanitization of rooms, disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, windows, etc. As you are staying away from your family, and you are living all alone, it is important that you stay educated and informed. You can utilize the Arogya Setu application to figure out active cases close to your territory and take a call about your movement. It has been made compulsory from the government’s end, to use this application! Additionally, ensure your roomie/housemates likewise have this application installed.

Look for COVID-Preparedness Measures

Do PGs or hostels in Pune have rules around restricted entry? Do they undertake thermal health monitoring of residents and staff? How are they planning to reduce infection exposure? Look for places that offer a comprehensive action plan. For example, managed accommodation like Stanza Living have a quick response team that is on standby for any escalation to healthcare authorities, arrangement of quarantine/isolation places in case of any potential threat of infection. They also carry out proper staff training and have launched contactless meals services to mitigate chances of exposure.

Social Distancing and Control on Room Density

Congested rooms and cramped PGs/hostels with multiple people in limited areas is a strict no-no. Ensure that your landlord doesn’t cram multiple individuals in the same room, just for the sake of better rent. You should look for professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living which provides spacious, well-designed rooms that factor in space requirements per person, the distance between furniture in each room, etc. They also have flexible models so you can choose between single occupancy and sharing rooms. They’ve also adopted social distancing measures across common areas and other residential spaces as protective measures to mitigate infection. Likewise, ensure you and your roommate follow all social distancing measures as well.

While it is important to find accommodation that gives you a safe and hygienic environment, it’s equally important to practice your own precautionary measures. Wear masks and gloves to limit physical contact. Also, make sure that you and other housemates are isolated for a week at least when they’re migrating from another city as it is important to restrain the spread of viruses. Also, get your tests done before moving in and likewise ensure that the housemates are also tested to be negative for the virus.

These are some of the measures that one needs to take care of while looking for PG/hostel accommodation in Pune.