April 13, 2021

Safe Options for Car Part Delivery

Car Part Delivery

Car Part Delivery

If you are under quarantine or stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably doing far less driving than usual. At most, you may be making a supply run once every week or so. This can be a tough situation, but it is not all bad. With your car sitting idle, this is a good opportunity to perform some maintenance and possibly replace some parts that have worn out. For example, if you have a headlight bulb that has blown but you haven’t gotten around to replacing it, now may be a good opportunity.

How To Fix Your Car’s Broken Parts During Quarantine

The first and most important step is to ensure that you have the necessary tools and replacement parts. This may not be a given, especially if you ordinarily do not perform vehicle maintenance yourself. You may be concerned about unnecessary exposure by going into the store. Fortunately, most establishments allow you to buy online pick up in store, which makes it easier to find and obtain what you need with a minimum of interpersonal contact. You can make your trip even shorter by making sure you have what you need to obtain your items quickly. Usually, you will need to present a credit card, confirmation email, and/or photo ID.

If even going inside the store seems like too great a risk, ask about a curbside pickup option. This allows you to call the store from your vehicle and ask an associate to bring your order out to you. You may still need to verify your identity, and you may also need to describe your vehicle to the associate who answers the phone.

How To Replace a Headlight Bulb Yourself

If you don’t already know how to replace a headlight, it may be easier than you think. A headlight bulb is different than a household light bulb that you screw out of its socket. To replace a headlight, you need to lift the hood and remove the bulb from the back.

The precise way to do this varies depending on the vehicle make and model. The base of the bulb is attached to a plug, which you can recognize with the power wires attached to it. Sometimes the plug is attached by a screw cap, which you can turn counter-clockwise to remove. Sometimes the attachment is a metal clip, which you simply pull up to remove. There may be a plastic catch with a lever at the top. As you pull the plug out, push down on the lever, and the bulb should come free.

Wear protective gloves when changing a headlight. This not only protects your hands but it also prevents oils from your fingers from getting onto the new bulb, which can compromise its integrity. To ensure that the new bulb is as bright as it can be, use alcohol wipes to clean it off before installing it.

Stick the base of the new bulb into the plug. If you cannot see any of its rubber gasket, it means you have installed it correctly. Plug the wires back in after putting the holder back in place. Turn on your headlights to check whether the bulb is working.

Auto parts suppliers can help you find the right bulb online and provide tips for installing it correctly.