May 11, 2021

NBA Live Game: Top Tips & Tricks for a Newbie

NBA Live Game: Top Tips & Tricks for a Newbie

The NBA Live Game may seem a little intimidating at first, but with some tactics and strategy, it all makes sense. And if you closely follow our tips and tricks, you will very quickly become the best player, pump your skills and receive a reward, which in generosity can only be compared only with the offers on So don’t waste your time and read our article.

Log in Daily and Collect Rewards

There are not many free gifts in the game, but if you log in daily and even better several times a day, you can earn some pretty good rewards. On each subsequent day, the reward box will contain the best items, so be sure to download, even if you don’t have time to play.

You must also collect daily gift boxes, there are six in total. One opens for free a day, but watching a video every 15 minutes, you increase your chances. The recommendation is to open all of them as they contain the elements needed to update the game.

Join the Team

Commands are extremely important in the game to get even more items. Join an active team and start investing in the necessary items. Upon reaching the required amount, you will be rewarded much more than you donated. Moreover, for each victory of a team, its rating is filled and upon reaching the maximum value, you receive a reward box containing several amazing rewards.

Always Build and Develop

In the city, you can build and develop your own buildings, they can improve your overall progress. Focus on:

  • Training Center – Here you can work on six different areas and develop them as much as possible, and then use them to improve your playing skills. Continuously monitor the development of all aspects, and when you have enough materials, update the necessary elements to achieve the best results.
  • Health Center – you generate energy here based on the Health Coach level. Energy is needed to play games. For this you need hearts, always work to get more of them.
  • Practical exercises – here you can improve your character. The recommendation is to improve all team players in the same way and focus on one of them when you plan to stay out of the game for a long time. You can also complete the Bonus Challenge, this will save time, or use the speed boosters that you can collect from your home (or buy from the store).
  • Your home is an extremely important place in the game because it allows you to craft items to upgrade various things. Always collect rewards on time and build extra rooms as soon as you unlock them (usually by winning league games).
  • Clothing store. Here you can purchase various clothes that can increase your skills for a limited time (it can increase depending on the level of your Stylist). You should only wear these clothes when you plan to play a few games, because once you put them on, you won’t be able to take them off. Another great thing about the store is Threads. They can be used for raffles, as a result of receiving a reward or game currency.