May 16, 2021

How To Score Good Marks In Maths Class 9 CBSE?

How To Score Good Marks In Maths Class 9 CBSE?

Class 9 is one of the most important stages in a student’s mathematical journey as it lays a foundation for board examinations. In fact, the syllabus of class 9 can be a bit more complex than class 10, as here you get introduced to some new topics. In order to understand and practice the concepts of class 9 CBSE maths, students can practice the NCERT solutions for class 9 maths which can be very helpful in understanding the core concepts. NCERT maths solutions are considered to be the best study material for class 9 students as it allows students to practice a variety of questions in comparatively less time. Also, these NCERT solutions are created by experts. Hence they can help class 9 students score well in their examinations.

Apart from that, students can find a variety of study material for class 9 maths. But when it comes to finding the study material which can add immense value while keeping math interesting for kids, Cuemath study material works the best as it helps students experience an engaging learning experience as Cuemath worksheets are fun and easy to solve. These worksheets cover all the important topics of class 9 maths. On top of that, these worksheets are free and can be downloaded in PDF formats.

This blog will provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you score good marks in class 9 CBSE examinations. If you follow these tips and tricks, you will definitely get a better grasp on class 9 math topics and perform well in your examinations. Let us now dive directly into the topic:

Tips to Score Good Marks in Class 9 Maths

You can follow these three tips to perform well in your class 9 math examinations. These tips will help you score well in your exams and help you adapt good ways of studying and understanding maths. Let us go through these tips one by one :

1.Time Management

Time management is a skill, and it is one of the most important ones. Planning what and when to study can help you in various ways. Time management can keep you way ahead of others and enable you to perform better. You can time your worksheets in order to check your speed and accuracy. This will give you the added benefit of scoring maximum marks.

2.Do Not LEARN!

Many students try to learn the pattern of problem-solving in Mathematics. This can never benefit you. Math is more about understanding and less about learning. However, it is important to remember the formulas, but at the same time, one should understand the derivation of these formulas. This can keep your concepts crystal clear, and you can solve the most difficult problems in minutes.

3.Do Not Focus On Results

 Most of us are keener on the result than the process. It is important to understand that marks are not everything. What really matters is how strong your fundamentals are. Once your fundamentals are strong, the marks will follow. Try and understand the logic behind each and every problem instead of developing your own learning techniques because, in the long run, only strong fundamentals help.


Last but not least, practice as much as you can. Math is all about practice, and if you continue to devote time and effort, you can perform exceptionally well. Remember, there are no shortcuts hence enjoy the process, and the outcome will naturally follow.