April 13, 2021

Healthy Nutrition Foods Suggestions by Frank Roach Dentist for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Nutrition Foods

Healthy Nutrition Foods

If you are amongst those who eat what they like then that is true for your teeth too. Daily flossing and brushing do clean your teeth but do not make it stronger. The nutrition of your food and the frequency of eating also determines the health of your teeth. Eating starchy or sugary food also feeds the germs and bacterias of your mouth.

The more sugary or starchy food you eat, the more prone to attack is your teeth, more frequent attacks on the tooth cause the strong enamel to decay. This causes tooth decay. The acid formed from the teeth causes inflammation and causes the breakdown of gums and teeth.

To make the teeth stronger, it is necessary to have your fair share of the meal from all food groups. If you follow a diet which is balanced, you will have all the necessary nutrients for optimum oral health. Let’s see some healthy foods suggestions by Frank Roach dentist:

Foods for optimum oral health

  • Fibre-rich fruits and vegetables. Fibre-rich food groups clean your tooth and gum naturally. This is your best natural defence: milk, plain yoghurt, cheese and different other dairy products. Cheese is a saliva maker that creates saliva in the mouth, and saliva restores the natural minerals area of the tooth, making it stronger.
  • Green or black peas. Both interact with plaque bacteria as they contain polyphenols in it. These substances either hold back or kill bacteria. A cup of tea is also rich in fluoride depending on the water you brew the tea in.
  • Sugarless chewing gum. The sugarless chewing gum has a great taste and no sugar to decay the tooth and gums. It is also a great saliva maker that restores the normal mineral content of teeth.
  • Phosphorus, found in lean meat, eggs, dairy, fish, beans, and nuts also helps in making the teeth stronger.
  • Vitamin C and fluoride. The vitamin C found in tomatoes, citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, spinach and potatoes promotes gum and teeth health. Fluoridated drinking water or products with fluoride promote teeth health.

Things to avoid

  • Resist the urge of frequent snacking. The more your mouth is introduced to sugary substances; the more frequent are the bacterial attacks.
  • Choosing snacks with less starch or sugar can also do you good. Choose some other substitute in place of sugary snacks. Brushing after eating such products can also restore your teeth. If you can’t brush after a snack, try rinsing your mouth with water to remove all the sugary content.
  • Carbonated soft drinks can also be a source of sugar. The phosphoric and citric acids present in these drinks can also wear away the enamel, causing tooth decay.
  • Brush twice a day. Floss once a day.
  • Substances that dry out the mouth. Substances like medicine and alcohol reduce the saliva content of the mouth.

Tooth health and hygiene is essential to keep teeth related problems at bay. Cleaning your tooth is also important to maintain good oral health. It is always advised to consult a reliable dentist if you feel you have a dental problem.