May 11, 2021

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bikini

Choosing the Perfect Bikini

Choosing the Perfect Bikini

Although wearing a bikini is an exciting thing, bikini shopping is another thing to look forward to. If you are ready to purchase bikinis online and confident in your body, it will be easy to create your best possible beach look.

Find Your Perfect Swimwear

When shopping for bikinis, determine what you want to achieve. Do you want to enhance your waist or make your breasts smaller or bigger? Do you want to take the attention away from your stomach?

If you have small breasts, opt for a bikini top that has padded cups to give your busts some extra volume. Ruffles, bows, and frills are details that could also add volume. On the other hand, if you have big breasts, your bikini top should have good support such as adjustable straps and underwire. If you have slimmer hips, you can balance the shape of your body by wearing bottoms with a peplum or with bows on each side.

If you have short legs, wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms can create the illusion of longer legs. But, if you have long legs, pick low-cut bottoms so that your torso will have more length. For your top, opt for decorative details as little as possible.

Choosing Bikini According to Your Body Type

Round or Pear Shape: Choose a bikini with bright colours and prints for your top bikini. For your bottom, go for solid dark colours. If you also want to purchase a swimsuit, look for a two-tone suit that is light on top and dark at the bottom. Make sure your top is underwire or a push-up.

Straight A-line: The best bikini pick for this body type is those with contrasting dark and solid colours. If your bottom is less voluminous, wearing a bikini in pied-de-poule print can camouflage it. Your bottom should be in solid colours and the accents only at the top. An underwire or push-up is also ideal for a straight A-line.

Hourglass: When it comes to silhouettes and designs, the hourglass body can wear almost anything. Consider choosing swimwear in solid colours with high-cut bottoms. It is all right to opt for bows and other decorative details but avoid over-the-top accents. To accentuate your small waist, opt for slim-cut swimwear.

Apple Figure: If you have an apple-shaped body, pick a French-cut bottom. This cut will highlight your legs, creating a slimming appearance. You will look great with padded underwired cups, wide shoulder straps, and a straight neckline.

H-Line: For this body type, choose a bikini that directs the eyes and attention at the top and not on your hips. Go for a patterned or striped top, so your upper body appears wider. Wearing a black bottom can make your hips look narrow.

How to Carry Yourself Well With a Bikini?

If you want to look leaner, slimmer, and taller, the key is to sort out your posture. It means when you get up and walk to buy something or go anywhere, stand up straight and stand tall. Your beach body calls for it. When it comes to sitting with your bikini, draw your knees together toward the chest. This sitting position will make your stomach look smaller, and your legs look slimmer.

When it is time to slip into swimwear for the beach months, it is also time to buy new bikinis online. There are various styles available, and choose those that will make you take a lot of bikini selfies.