May 11, 2021

10 Unique Gifts Ideas For Employees That Will Boost Morale

Unique Gifts Ideas

Unique Gifts Ideas

No matter whether it is for the work anniversary, employee’s birthday, holiday, or appreciation day, giving a unique gift to your employees brightens up their spirit. Besides, there are many benefits that come along and it can help to strengthen the employer and employee relations that both of you share & encourage you to bring the best output at work. But, how to select the best gift that is practical and appropriate for the office? Here we have listed the top 10 unique employee award wording ideas that your employees will love getting it.

  1. Bonsai tree 

Bonsai trees are the best gift and will make your employee happy and add more life (as per feng shui it is a sign of good luck) to your office. Besides caring for these trees is a way to cut down stress, just be careful and not to overwater them– as bonsai need very little water to survive.

  1. Personalized Coffee Mugs

These are the best items to gift to your employees, and from all the given accessories you can find on your employees’ desk, the most loved one will be the coffee mug. Thus, you may plan to gift the personalized mug by printing something motivating or just their names on a cup.

  1. Gift cards 

Gift cards can be seen as the best and thoughtful gift than cash, however, there is a bit of risk in getting your employee the gift card of the store that they do not shop. But, these are the best gifts that have to be mentioned in the list.

  1. Branded Apparel

Clothing can be the best employee recognition gift that you can ever think about. It shows appreciation and acknowledging your staff for something very specific. Consider gifting them the branded apparel and see the smile. It is the most effective way of showing appreciation to your employees.

  1. Power banks

It is a perfect gift for an employee on a go, the power banks are light and small, and charges your phones quickly so that your employees will be powered up & back on a go within no time.

  1. Gourmet Chocolates 

Chocolates are always found at the desk or mailbox. It is better when there is enough of them to share along with your family and friends. You will find a wide range of sweets and treats to please everybody on the list. There are chocolate gift baskets available and they are highly attractive & delicious and the best gift for your employees.

  1. Digital Frames

A picture carries the feelings of a person associated & preserve them for the lifetime and this is the best thing to gift to your employees. To amplify this enjoyment, you can consider giving your employees the digital photo frame that will be a unique gifting idea that they will love to receive.

  1. Get Movie Tickets

If you are an employee is a movie buff, then there can never be a better gift than a movie ticket of their favorite movie. Watching a movie is the most pleasant experience and it is the best way of appreciating your employees by sponsoring the movie tickets, don’t you feel so? You just have to make the announcement about the special gift & get them the tickets based on their movie preference.

  1. Headphones

Yet another wonderful gift on our list is headphones. If you have ever worked in an office may know, focusing is really difficult sometimes, and the key to a productive day is getting quality headphones. There are many headphones in the market, you can choose noise-isolating & bass-driven sound and have a stylish look.

  1. Scented Candles

A fresh and aromatic fragrance everywhere will change the entire ambiance of your office surroundings. If you plan to give a Christmas gift, then it is the best present to give them as everyone will decorate their houses with lights. Therefore, gifting your employee’s scented candles can add a beautiful charm to their home.

Final Thoughts 

There are many different options while it comes to buying appreciation gifts for your employees. Remember personalization is key when it comes about employee award wording ideas. The process of gift-giving & receiving must be highly enjoyable, however sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right gift, I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your employee.