May 9, 2021

Know Your Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf

What attracts the most when you enter a house for the first time? The décor, interiors, wall paintings, sofa, and the table, the colour combination of everything, and the list goes on and on. All these things catch the eye of the visitor and they couldn’t resist the mind behind such a beautiful arrangement. The purpose is to make the house look vibrant instead of dull. The more vibrant is the ambiance the more the house is surrounded by positivity. Some people even hire decorators or interior designers to bring out the best grace of the house and they are willing to pay as much as they can for the same.

In the living area, the catchiest part is the wall hanging shelves, which comes in different designs and sizes according to its utility. These shelves not only provide space to keep stuff such as decorative items, knick-knacks, photo frames, etc. but also, they cover up the empty wall, that otherwise would have made it look boring. The purpose of the wall shelf must be clear, for example,

  • If the purpose is a bookshelf, it must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the books. The size of the rack must accommodate them accordingly.
  • If the purpose is to display photo frames or lightweight decorative items, the weight might not be an issue here.

These hanging shelves can be customized according to the sitting area with the matching color of the sofa and table set. The material for making shelves can be strong such as wood and steel, for light-weight shelves it can be glass or plastic, acrylic. Some shelves have fixed racks due to space limitations and some have moveable shelves to alter the vertical movement for adjusting the space. It has become easier to purchase wall shelves online through various platforms. The delivery is successful within a few days of placing the order and the components are carefully packed.

These wall shelves are not just limited to the living space of the house, but also to other parts including the kitchen, store, and bathroom.

  • For the kitchen, the racks are broad and the vertical height is more so that all the containers can fit in without forming a clutter and it is quite easy to reach them.
  • In bathrooms, they hold towels and bathing essentials.
  • In the store, these shelves contain utensils, suitcases, electronic equipment, etc. and the utility goes on and on.
  • In the Living room, it displays books, souvenirs, and cute little antiques.

Certain wall shelves are multipurpose; they can store collectibles and can act as a mobile or key holder. Floating wall shelves are popular with the shelf itself hanging against the wall and no visible holding. These shelves can be placed in any number one, two, or three, and horizontally or vertically depending on the wall space. A wide range of wall hanging shelves are available online or in the market:

  • Built-In Shelves – These shelves can be installed along the supporting wall with multiple shelves.
  • Ladder Shelves – Just as the name suggests, this style of shelves need not be drilled in the wall. They stand tall without the wall support and can accommodate different sizes and shapes of decorative items.
  • Open and Close Shelves – These shelves have some open and closed units. They can be installed due to their decorative looks.
  • Floating Shelves – This shelf has no visible support on the wall. These are most commonly used in houses.
  • Intersecting Shelves – An intersecting shelf can be seen in offices and homes. These shelves are an amalgamation of three, four, or more square or rectangular pieces usually. These geometric shapes are interlocked with each other and mounted on the wall.
  • Fixed Bracket Wall Shelves – Unlike Floating Shelves with no visible support, these wall hanging shelves have brackets attached to the wall. The advantage of this arrangement is that it is likely to fall apart or separate.
  • Hexagonal Floating Shelf – This is a type of floating shelf, hexagonal. This modern style can be fitted as per the room requirement. They can be assembled in multiple ways (together or drifted apart).

These shelves can be bulky and must be handled with care. While purchasing online, one must make sure that the company provides assistance to install the shelf. It would be a waste of money by buying a good shelf and unable to fit it in the house. Some house owners prefer a fusion of modern and contemporary style, to give it an Indian and western touch. A simple wooden polished on a colored wall enhances the beauty of the wall and one can place artificial flower pots, books, collectibles or mini lamps on the top of it.

As there is no utilization of floor space, the stuff that one thinks of displaying on the table can now be incorporated on the wall shelves. According to the room size, the wall shelves can be long or short, single or multiple, horizontal or vertical. The most trending type of wall shelf is Babylon in which high-quality wood is used to give it a sophisticated look. Sheesham, Deodar, and Teak are considered to be the best quality of wood for making furniture and it is in demand everywhere.

It is said that there is a connection between the colour of the surroundings and mood. The cheerful colors exhibit positivity everywhere and dull colours make the atmosphere gloomy. Choose the right color for the wall and hangings that complement each other. The interiors and every nook and corner of the place should get along well together.

An important thing to remember is after installing the wall shelf, do not clutter it up by adding wall paintings, wall frames, and wall stickers. It would look untidy and messy. Without a doubt, wall hanging shelves are a blessing to store or display necessary items that otherwise would have created clutter in the living space. Whether the goal is storing, styling, or covering the wall space, one can choose from impeccable designs.