May 9, 2021

Expert Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Outfit

Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery

Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery

It is very important to choose the right jewellery for completing your overall look, no matter whatever outfit you are wearing or wherever you are going. It is so because the right jewellery is capable of bringing out your inner style to the best to make you look appealing. Considering the flip aspect, the mismatched jewellery can make your complete look go wrong if not paired with the right outfit. Jewellery gifting is a popular trend amongst girls and women of nearly age groups. However, sometimes you may find it difficult to choose the right jewellery to go perfectly with your outfit. Here are some expert tips which can help you in deciding the right jewellery for your outfit:

  • Proper size  

Size is a key factor that has to be taken into consideration when matching your outfit with your jewellery. The jewellery you choose must not be too small so that it goes unnoticed and on the other hand it must not be too big so that it looks over heavy. The best pieces to go with busy and formal outfits are the small jewellery pieces like statement necklaces and stud earrings. Simple jewellery also goes well with single coloured outfits.

  • Colour 

Colour is another key factor to be considered while choosing jewellery if you want to avoid looking similar to a rainbow. Silver and gold jewellery goes well with all kinds of outfits. For other colours you can make use of the colour wheel. You should always select the jewellery from a similar colour family to which your outfit belongs. You can even choose contrasting colours from the colour wheel.

  • Style definition 

Your style is largely determined by your jewellery choice. It even makes space for accessories. The outfit design you choose along with the purpose also dictates the choice of accessories. For creating a professional appearance, you can choose basic jewellery like stud earrings as well as a simple neck piece. For creating a classic party look, you can pair up a pearl necklace with diamond studs.

  • Outfit Necklines 

Necklaces are an important part of accessories. A necklace must be chosen in a way that suits the neckline of the outfit you are wearing, be it a blouse, shirt, dress, or a tshirt. If your outfit has a V-shaped neckline, a Y or V-shaped pendant will look perfect. Necklaces with pendants look best with outfits having a heart neckline. But, if you prefer wearing drop earrings, you can skip the necklace part. Also, for round necklines, one must choose pearl necklaces or round beaded necklaces.

These are some of the factors which determine the kind of jewellery that can go best with your outfit. Considering all these important factors is a pro tip to be followed if you don’t want to create a blunder in your appearance. There are many other factors to be considered and tips to be followed, but these are the significant ones that can help you in making the best jewellery gifts.