May 11, 2021

GM Cricket Bat Preparation

GM Cricket Bat Preparation

GM Cricket Bat Preparation

GM Cricket Bat Prep Work

  • GM English Willow Cricket Bats are pounded in at the GM manufacturing unit to supplement blade pressing
  • GM English Willow Cricket Bats are gently fueled oil as well as covered with a GM NOW! Anti-scuff cover
  • GM English Willow Cricket Bats shaped with TOETEK
  • GM English Willow Cricket Bats managed with DRI-GUARD

Additional “Knocking-in” using a suitable bat mallet to the vulnerable front edges is needed before utilizing a brand-new round.

After significant usage exposed willow will certainly require light oiling if the willow ends up being completely dry.


There is an undeniable web link between our GM factory preparation and also return rates of cricket bats because of blade damages. The Anti-scuff cover does not influence resilience increases and playing efficiency. It adds roughly 1 ounce of weight so don’t misdirected when contrasting an ‘All-natural Finish’ bat vs. a GM NOW! Bat.


Our Anti scuff cover develops an obstacle to wetness combined with raw linseed oil to stop dampness penetration. It also aids in holding the blade together ought to minor splits usually show up because of making use.

The GM NOW shield should not be removed until it has actually revealed considerable wear and only eliminated by a bat professional.

GM NOW Bats have been very gently fueled oil as well as pre-knocked in by GM bat manufacturers in our factory by hand.

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A specially shaped durable guard fitted to the toe of the bat, which decreases toe damages as well as feathering that is often caused by tapping at the fold. It additionally works as a more obstacle to damp.


GM bats managed with GM Driguard ™ applied to the toe of the bat to reduce water absorption.

These aids avoid toe swelling making the toe less vulnerable to moisture-induced damages. DriGuard will undoubtedly drive away oil, along with wetness as well as grease related to this area, ought to be rubbed out.



The process of constant striking of the face and also front edge surface areas of the bat with an old cricket round or mainly developed GM bat mallet, including more sturdiness, specifically to the front sides of the blade which are extra prone to damages. This part of the procedure is begun in our plant by our GM bat manufacturers who knock the face and front of sides in with a lignum vitae bat club.


Playing In is necessary for bats fitted with GM Now! By first hitting brief catches and or facing throwdowns with an old top quality cricket ball. It recommended initially stay clear of meeting a new sphere on the internet or a game as this can trigger severe blade indentation and also damage.

How Much Time will my bat last?

A GM bat build light enough for an average cricketer to play as well as execute proper cricket shots with it.

GM bats made to ensure that there is plenty of wood in the striking area to offer durability to the stroke and also strong enough to endure the shock developed by the effect of the ball. If an uncomfortable sphere is caught on the side or entrapped in between the toe of the bat and also the ground, some damages are practically unavoidable. There is no difference if the bat is all-new or older.

We could guarantee that these at-risk areas do not sustain as much damage by just making them much thicker yet after that. The bat would be so hefty as to be unplayable as well as most likely the cricketer would certainly not buy it. GM Cricket bats are always a compromise in between efficiency and sturdiness and also GM’s long bat making background gives them the best opportunity of achieving both.


In regular usage, superficial face, as well as side marks in addition to slight surface fracturing, will take place. This is to be anticipated and does not diminish the having fun fulfilment of the bat.

Other destruction, such as splitting of the toe as a result of striking a yorker, or due to water entrance, or severe crease tapping, or damage brought on by a miss-timed shot. Which takes place to also the most effective gamer, if made a look at in a modern style can usually repair. The repaired bat will undoubtedly remain to offer outstanding service.

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A bat repair solution for your GM bat offered from cricket professionals who will aid extend your bats life.

DO’s and also Don’ts.

DO prepare the bat carefully taking note of round marks.

DO store the bat in the off-season in a calm, dry atmosphere far from excessive warmth or damp.

DO evaluate the bat routinely for damages in play and Repair service without delay, the longer it is left unrepaired, the shorter the bat life.

DO lightly re-oil the bat if it reveals indications of drying.

DON’T expose to extremes of temperature level.

PREVENT extended spells in Cars and truck Boots/Trunks/Interiors.

DO NoT Over-oil. It is riskier to over-oil than to under-oil. Over-oiling will certainly include weight, spoils driving power as well as might trigger rot.

DO NOT ever, ever stand the bat in oil.

DO NOT allow the bat to become damp. Moisture absorbed by tapping a wet wicket will undoubtedly leave the bat prone to toe damages.

DON’T abuse or treat thoughtlessly off the pitch, for example at webs, or in transforming rooms.

DON’T make use of affordable difficult cricket balls. These will damage the bat, high-quality cricket balls just.

DON’T continue to have fun with a damaged bat. This will intensify the damage to a factor where the bat might be irreparable.

DON’T get rid of the GM NOW! Anti-scuff cover as this can harm the blade if not done by a bat professional.

DON’T have your bat knocked in by a piece of equipment; this is harmful to your GM bat as well as will not help the bat do at its best.