April 13, 2021

7 Genius Instagram Story Tips That’ll Put You Above Others

Genius Instagram Story

Genius Instagram Story

Instagram is an overload of visual information. People are posting their outfit of the day or their delicious lunch they just ate. Its amazing technology allows us to keep up so well with people we know.

Not only do people make permanent posts, they now create 24 hour Instagram stories. These stories show peeks into their life, such as their coffee order or a quick picture of their pup. If you want to grow your following, utilizing the stories feature is crucial.

Below are 7 Instagram story tips that’ll help you capture people’s attention. Keep reading below to grow your following.

  1. Copy and Paste

Copy and pasting information is one of the first things we learned on our computers. Believe it or not, you can copy and paste pictures onto your Instagram story. This allows more control of the finished product, and you’re able to display more than a single photo in a story.

To try it out, open up your photo gallery to its grid view. Tap and hold on the photo you’d like to copy. It’ll open up a quick drop-down list of selections.

All you have to do is press “copy”. Then hop on over to your blank Instagram story template and tap on it, as if you were going to create text. Hold your finger down where the cursor is and then click “paste”.

Your photo will be pasted onto the story. If you’d like, you can add several more photos this way. Layer the photos to create a fun collage by resizing and stacking them.

Do you want to impress followers even more? Match the background color with a fun color in the photo you’re using!

  1. Draw Your Own Caption Background

Whenever creating captions on your Instagram story, you have the option to place a rectangle caption background with a handful of the fonts. What if you don’t want a rectangle background?

With a little creativity, you can create any sort of caption background you want! Start by typing out a caption. Carefully place it where you’d like it to go.

Once you have it where you want it to go, pull up the paintbrush tool. Decide what color you’d like to make the caption background, and select it.

Use your finger or a stylus to carefully draw your desired shape behind the caption. You can draw a filled-in heart or even cute scribbles to make your caption stand out.

  1. Don’t Forget Stickers

It’s always a good idea to support local businesses. While supporting them, give them some exposure so other people can check them out.

One of the easiest but best Instagram story tips and tricks is placing stickers on your story. If you’re visiting a local cafe, take a picture of your beautiful latte. Add a location sticker in the story so people know where they can get the same latte!

Not only can you add a location sticker, but you can also add a hashtag sticker or fun decorative stickers. Who doesn’t love sparkling star stickers on their Instagram story?

  1. Turn It Up

You know those moments you can only describe through song? Luckily, you can describe your Instagram story moments with song.

The other Instagram story tips in this article are incredibly useful, but adding music might be the most fun! You can add chill music behind a picture of you relaxing at the beach or add an upbeat song to go along with a picture of you and your friends at a party.

Simply click on your sticker options and select the “music” sticker. Search your song, and then use the scroller to decide which section of the song to play.

You can even share music inspiration straight onto your story from the Spotify app! Show people what you’re listening to. They just might add your suggestions to their daily playlist.

  1. Learn Simple Aesthetics

Unfortunately, there’s no simple explanation of what looks good on Instagram stories. You’ll find Instagram story design tips on the internet, but it’s best to develop your own sense of style.

If you want to grow a major following on Instagram, sticking with cohesive branding themes and design layouts help. Gain inspiration by looking at some of your favorite influencers on Instagram.

Are you going to use mostly pastel colors on your story, or will you use neutral colors with bright pops? Are you going to create daily polls, or do you just want to share cute photos of your outfits?

There’s no limit to what you can do, but put time and effort into what you do display. Carefully place photos, curate fun captions, and understand the best dimensions for Instagram.

  1. Add a Little Movement

While photos are great, video and boomerangs are even better. Because there are so many video editing apps for smartphones these days, you can download third-party apps to create mesmerizing videos.

You can add film camera filters to videos or even select filters that make certain elements in the video sparkle. Select filters that add to your overall aesthetic. Film small moments in your life that’ll add movement to your Instagram story.

In addition to video, you can also add boomerangs. Turn live photos into boomerangs by selecting the live photo you’d like to share.

Once it’s uploaded onto your story template, hold down with your finger and the photo will transform into a boomerang you can share.

  1. Schedule Your Stories

When growing a following, it’s best to release consistent content. Prepare the content now to save time later in the week.

Look for third-party apps that allow you to design and schedule Instagram story uploads. Take a few hours now to create your weekly layout, and add small unplanned stories throughout the week.

Use These Instagram Story Tips to Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

The world of social media can be difficult to navigate. With the above Instagram story tip, you’ll be able to easily boost engagement and grow your following.

Don’t be shy and utilize stickers, GIFs, and music options for your stories. Share fun photos, and add a little video from time to time.

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