April 13, 2021

Outdoor Lighting Techniques For A Brighter Home

Outdoor Lighting Techniques For A Brighter Home

For any living space, lighting is arguably the most important thing when defining its ambiance. It can completely transform the entire mood and feel of a place through its color, intensity, and placement. Not only is it incredibly impactful, lighting is possibly the cheapest way to upgrade any living space with only a few minor tweaks. Fortunately, there are now a lot of options for people who may want to buy smart lights for their homes. For further information on such products, FirstEnergy Toledo can be a good source.

The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

The first thing that anyone notices about a home is its outdoor appearance; it defines the home before you even walk inside. Outdoor lighting can be enhanced in several different ways, and even though people don’t pay much attention to it, it is not something that should be overlooked when trying to achieve a good aesthetic. The following list shows some techniques through which the perfect outdoor lighting can be achieved in any home.

Direct The Lights Well

More often than not, people invest a decent amount of money into their outdoor lighting and believe that it’s enough to create the impact they want. This is not true, because along with good quality equipment, technique plays a huge role in achieving anything. Once you have exactly the right lights for different parts of your outdoor home, begin to place them strategically in a way that highlights the best parts of it.

For example, if you have a beautiful brick pathway and want it to be the center of attention, direct your lights toward it instead of toward the grass or plants. Textured walls look their best when lights are placed at a sharp angle, as to create artistic shadows on them using their crevices. To do this, you will have to know your yard very well, so you know exactly what sort of lighting will make it look the best.

Conserve Power

A very important thing that homeowners can often overlook is the brightness of the lights they use anywhere in their home. Lights should never be brighter than they need to be, because not only can this ruin the look of your place, it can end up costing much more than it’s supposed to.

Ambient lighting is supposed to be soft and meant to highlight only the best parts of any space; its purpose is not to provide functionality. This can end up putting a damper on any evening where you just want to sit and relax in your home’s outdoor living space because harsh lights are hardly a source of relaxation for anyone. Another thing you can do to ensure this is getting smart lights since most of them can be programmed to change their intensity according to the time of day, or solar-powered lights that only function when it’s dark enough.

Path Lights

The path that leads up to a porch is arguably the most important aspect of your home’s outdoor appearance since it is often the first thing people come across. These might also be the easiest to install since solar-powered path lights are very common and are the most convenient way to light any space. This is because they only turn on when they are needed, and the intensity is also balanced by how dark it gets. The best part about these lights is that along with creating an amazing aesthetic, they consume absolutely no power. This is one investment that is completely worth it in the long-run for any homeowner.

Ambient Porch Light

The purpose of porch lights is not only to just be aesthetically pleasing, they are meant to be very functional and make things a lot easier for you when it’s dark out. If you’re visited at an odd hour, they keep you and the visitor fully illuminated. Porch lights are also very helpful for anyone getting home late and not wanting to stand outside for too long; they save you a lot of time that you may spend fumbling with keys in the dark. While this light doesn’t guarantee safety, it does provide a lot of benefits, including decreased burglaries by giving the impression that the home is occupied.

Illuminate Seating Areas

Surprisingly enough, illuminating seating areas is rarely a matter of concern for homeowners with large outdoor spaces. It goes without saying, but these areas are meant to host either residents of the home, or visitors. Anyone with an outdoor seating area has the luxury of spending quality time there, so it only makes sense to design it in the best possible way.

It may help to have the seating area near already installed lights, but if that is not a possibility, installing lights somewhere on the ground may also work. Solar-powered lights are great for this purpose as well.

Warm Tones Are Better

Lights with a warmer tone are usually much easier on the eyes than those with undertones of blue, especially in the dark. Make sure that whatever lights you install have a warm undertone so they don’t give off a harsh impact and ruin your outdoor experience. Cool-toned lights are often used to create a specific mood, for example, a disturbing vibe during Halloween.


Good outdoor lighting isn’t too difficult to accomplish when designing a home, yet it can make a world of a difference in the look of your home. The previously mentioned ideas can easily help you transform your front porch, backyard, or patio into a beautiful outdoor space to spend time in.