May 9, 2021

5 Home Renovation Projects for Your New Home

Home Renovation Projects

Home Renovation Projects

Now that you have taken the exciting plunge and bought a new home, the real fun can begin! You get to make the little tweaks and changes that turn your purchase into exactly what you want from top to bottom.

Decorating each room is the easy way to start, but once you have settled in, you can turn your focus to the bigger things. A few simple home renovations, done right, will increase your home’s value and make life easier on you!

These five home renovation projects will improve the comfort of your home and boost your resale value, too!

1. Kitchen Revamping

Unless you designed the kitchen yourself, there are probably some aspects of it that you’re not thrilled with. Maybe it’s the cabinet space or counter design, but whatever the reason, a kitchen overhaul is in your dream future.

Since the kitchen is often looked at as the heart of any home, making this dream a reality is a smart investment. It boosts the efficiency in your day-to-day living and increases your home’s value.

Kitchen renovations, on average, generate a return of 60% to 120% as long as it is done cohesively with the rest of the house and neighborhood. Your countertops, for instance, should flow naturally with the style of the whole home.

2. Freshen Up the Paint

A simple DIY renovation, freshening up the paint in any room makes it visually appealing. You can give the current color a new coat or make over the entire room by choosing a different shade.

The paint you use in a room makes a big difference in how it looks and feels. Using a lighter color makes a space look bigger and brighter. Darker shades, especially warm colors, can create a smaller, cozy look.

Whatever shade you choose, check and make sure it’s low-VOC. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that reduce the quality of your air. They are gases in the form of dangerous chemicals that are emitted from some paints. Low-VOC paint is eco-friendly and safe for your health.

3. Make the Energy Efficient Switch

One of the best return-on-investment renovations you can do is to replace inefficient bulbs, appliances, and fixtures with their eco-friendly counterparts. When you spend money to save money, the results compound to pay for themselves and more!

Some energy efficient switches to look into include:

    • Having an insulation inspection to make sure your attic and walls are keeping the energy where it should be
    • Installing energy-efficient blinds on your windows
    • Swapping out incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps
    • Buying smart technology to control your air conditioning, lighting, and TV
    • Replacing old, inefficient appliances with new Energy Star-rated alternatives

Don’t let the upfront cost keep you from putting a lot more money in your pocket in the long run!

4. Opt for a Tankless Water Heater

These innovations in energy-saving technology give you on-demand hot water. The traditional version keeps a certain amount of water hot and available on standby. But if it’s not being used, a lot of energy is being wasted.

Tankless water heaters use an electric element to heat the water as it is needed. There’s no need to wait for the storage tank to reheat after it is emptied, and no wasted energy. Once the tap is turned off, the element shuts off.

5. Go Outside and Landscape

Curb appeal is an important part of any home renovation. When you pull into your driveway, there is something satisfying about looking around, enjoying what you see, and knowing it’s yours.

Add some color to the front of your house with a few shrubs or your favorite plants. If your yard is more sand than grass, consider investing in sod to create a lush, green lawn.

How much landscaping is the perfect touch depends on your preferences. Whatever you do, limit it to what you can keep up with regularly unless you plan on hiring a landscaper to do it for you.


There is a saying that once you buy a home, your work never ends. But if the work you’re doing involves renovating you enjoy, is it really work?

Turning your house into a home takes time. As you live in your new abode, you’ll find the things that you want to change to add your personal touch. These five renovations will get you started, but you’ll likely find many more things to overhaul in the upcoming years!