May 11, 2021

How to celebrate a grand Valentine’s Day in 2021?

Valentine’s Day

The days are most definitely blending into one another more than ever. Thanks to the unprecedented times of 2021. The only thing that gives a ray of hope is the fast-arriving season of love, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or dating this year, it’s a tad difficult to ignore 14th February. So, get up, dress up, and get ready to welcome the romantic Valentine’s week with all hearts and smiles.

If you are game this Valentine’s Day, stick with us until the very end as we uncover some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll turn it into a grand celebration in 2021:

1.Walk down the personalised route

Believe it or not, personalised Valentine’s Day gifts are genius. It’s a simple transformation that instantly brings a smile on everyone’s face. So, if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift online for your partners this year, spoil them with custom-made presents. Go all out with personalisation on Valentine’s chocolates as it works wonders on everyone.

2.Go for a long drive

No destination? No problem at all. All you need is a little bit of spontaneity and a tank full of gas. This year, let the ride surprise you and take you to places. And who knows you might even stumble upon an adventure as you go with the flow. Quite interesting, right? Told you!

3.Arrange a picnic indoors

It’s time to bring a fun-filled picnic in the living room. Go all out and set up an epic picnic-day at home. Put on your sundress and lay down a gourmet spread and fruity mocktails. You can take out a few card games to add fun to your picnic date at home.

4.Make dinner together

Be it, men or women, food is hands down the only way to everyone’s heart. So, bring out your apron, put that hat on, and grab those oven mittens right away. Make a wholesome Valentine’s Day meal for your loved ones to fill their heart and stomach with love and lots of delicious food, of course!

5.Take a virtual trip to Paris

Name one person who doesn’t love Paris. Everyone does because it is all about love, good food, and good music. Unfortunately, you can’t travel to Paris this year. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot spend the day in a romantic city. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. It’s virtually possible! All you have to do is use Google Earth app and imagine exploring the french streets, standing right below the Eiffel Tower, and sharing a passionate kiss with your loved one on V-Day!

6.Play hooky

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let anyone invade your privacy with your partner. Take the day off and plan a fun Valentine’s Day surprise indoors. Begin by serving your special one with breakfast in bed the first thing in the morning. Later, during the day you can solve a crossword together and call it a night by watching a romantic film.

7.Write each love notes

What’s better than professing your feelings for each other with hand-written love notes? This Valentines Day, say it all on paper and send it to your partner living miles or even a few kilometres away from you. Buy decorative papers, wax seal, and other fancy items, such as letter stamp, stencils, stickers, etc. to create a beautiful love note for your special one.

With these above-mentioned plans, you can turn Valentine’s Day an overnight success. All you have to do is commit to the plan to make it magical for your better half and voila. You’ll have your partner smiling and looking a million bucks this year!