May 11, 2021

Why You Should Be Cancer Careful of Baby Powder

Cancer Careful of Baby Powder

Cancer Careful of Baby Powder

Johnson and Johnson is the top manufacturer of baby powder. This company has recently been in news for several class action lawsuits alleging their baby powder causing ovarian cancer after prolonged use. The cancer lawyers at Riddle and Brantley have provided some additional information on how these cancers occur and how you can receive medical compensation if you’ve been affected.

The Link Between Baby Powder Composition and Cancer

You are not wrong to be wondering how can something like baby powder have a relation to cancer. Baby powder contains talcum powder that is a soft mineral obtained in open-pit mines. Due to its softness talcum powder has been conventionally used in manufacturing baby powder. This talcum powder is made from talc composed of clay minerals and known to absorb moisture and reduces chafing. Investigative research indicates that the top executives at Johnson and Johnson had information in the 1970s about the potential contamination of their baby powder with cancer-causing material asbestos.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a thin and fibrous material that occurs naturally and is used in construction. It is a known carcinogenic agent to humans. Asbestos has the ability to enter the body through breathing and break down into small microscopic particles causing serious lung inflammation and resulting in mesothelioma cancer. Prolonged asbestos exposure can also result in cancer of the ovary, lungs, or larynx.

Cancer Risk: Asbestos in Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder

Johnson and Johnson has refused to acknowledge any previous claims that their baby powder is contaminated with asbestos leading to cancer. However, the report released by the New York Times in 1971 provided groundbreaking information about this contamination. Post the release of this investigative report, the executives at Johnson and Johnson claimed that they have modified the product due to concerns of asbestos contamination. But decades after this report, research scientists, doctors, and patients are found wondering if Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder still causes cancer.

The FDA made a public announcement in 2019 clarifying that Johnson and Johnson’s baby talcum powder still contains asbestos. After repeatedly denying any claims of contamination, based on the FDA announcement, Johnson and Johnson has recalled all their baby powder. As of this date, the company has about 16,000 class action lawsuits alleging that their product has resulted in endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, mesothelioma among others and the court has provided more than $2 million verdicts against the company. As per the ruling by a federal judge, research scientists can now testify that Johnson and Johnson’s baby talcum powder may cause cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer after using baby powder, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for your cancer or related health afflictions.

How Can A Good Product Liability Lawyer Help You?

As per the scientific studies conducted so far, it is safe to assume that the baby powder manufactured by Johnson and Johnson is causing cancer. If you have had prolonged exposure to this product and have been diagnosed with cancer, it is important to seek legal assistance immediately and hire a good product liability lawyer. A knowledgeable and seasoned attorney can review your case and assist you in holding the manufacturers of the contaminated baby powder responsible for your cancer so that you receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.