May 11, 2021

Tips to Design A Modern Living Room

Tips to Design A Modern Living Room

Tips to Design A Modern Living Room

Who doesn’t want a modern and chic looking living room? If you are buying a new house or plan to redecorate the one you have, you might be looking for some interior design tips. There are lots of ways you can enhance your living room design to give it a very urbane, stylish, and modern tone.

Here are some of the essential living room design tips that will help you –

Bring in natural light

You want your living room design to include lots of natural light coming. Modern living rooms want bright spaces with fresh air; if you’ve got yourself an old-school stuffy room then you’re probably doing it wrong. What you need are large, airy windows, French doors and sliding doors, and let lots of light and air come into the living room space.

Sleek furniture

Gone are the days where people preferred to keep big bulky furniture in the living room. Living room design of the 21st century prefers sleeker, stylish furniture that looks sophisticated and yet does not occupy a whole lot of space. It’s best to go for natural fabrics and leather to give the living room a sleek finish. And based on the size of your living room, pick out the size of the furniture that works best.

Minimalistic style

Less is more when it comes to modern living rooms. Not just with the main furniture, but also with home design accessories such as carpets, rugs, tapestry, curtains, book stands, and the like. Go for a minimalistic interior design- keep less but quality stuff and make sure it is neat and orderly.

Ample storage

Modern living room design requires lots of storage. Since your furniture is going to be sophisticated and minimalist, you need smart but ample storage which blends well with the minimalist decor. Go for built-in storage units, cabinets, and shelves that have space but also keep the room de-cluttered. Also try getting a sofa with hidden storage, a TV unit with drawers, and a smartly built book shelf to ensure good storage.   

 Metallic finish

Here’s a pro tip to design an amazingly stylish modern living room- add metallic finish. This will give your living room interior design a high-end sophistication and will make it look ultra modern and urbane. You can add this metallic finishing in off-beat places around your living room such as door knobs, mirror frames, coffee tables, cabinet edges and so on.

 Reflective mirror

Here’s an interior design hack for your modern living room design – use reflective mirrors. This is a really effective tip if you have a living room that is smaller in size. Reflective mirrors will ensure that the space looks bigger and more spacious than it actually is, and also look elegant within themselves; especially if you go for aesthetic mirror frames.  

Neutral colour palette

Just because you are designing a modern living room does not mean everything has to be extravagant. You may think that loud and bright colours will say modern but actually not quite. A neutral colour palette which has a subtle sophistication will actually work better.

So go ahead and design your very own modern living room!