May 9, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Chair Cover Varieties for Your Big Event

Chair Cover

Chair Cover

These days, you will find a gamut of linen chair covers for your big event, be it indoor or outdoor. Most furniture covers come with a unique look, feel, and texture, making them the center stage of a special occasion. An event, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday bash, or a weekend dinner party in your garden means fun. Therefore, you need to add a splash of color and liveliness to your event.

According to an article published on, picking out the best outdoor furniture is not simple if you are having an open-air party or event. You need garden chairs and tables that are comfortable, look appealing and require little maintenance. Purchasing all kinds of furniture is expensive, and therefore chair linen materials are your best bet if you want to use the old chairs that you own. Here is a complete guide to chair covers for your big event:

Folding chair covers

Perk up your drab-looking chairs with polyester folding furniture covers. Opt for these wrinkle-free and resistant-proof covers ideal for banquet or garden parties, as well as other events, in which food or beverage spills are a concern.

You can easily hide the dreary look of your old chairs with these linen materials to accentuate the overall look and feel of your venue decoration and presentation with perfect color coordination.

Pair your linens with a range of chair sashes to take your special event to the next level. You can choose folding chair cover varieties in a range of materials including polyester, satin, as well as stretchable ones.

Universal chair covers

The greatest benefit of using universal chair linen materials is that they fit all kinds of chairs, sizes, and shapes, thus making these covers the most versatile ones. You can slip the covers effortlessly on the folding, banquet, or any kind of chairs with a perfect fit.

When it comes to satin universal covers, they come with a glossy material as well as tie-able back. You can put colorful flowers at the back tie for a classy and sophisticated look. Your goal is to add pizzazz to the venue decoration of your big event and universal chair covers do just that.

Banquet chair covers

Banquet chair covers come in numerous patterns, styles, textures, and colors to perk up your special event. These materials render a classy and modern look to your drab-looking chairs. Depending on the chair shapes and sleek, tidy, lines, every banquet chair cover is made of the finest polyester. The stretchability of these materials is similar to spandex chair covers. The polyester material is wrinkle and stain-free that you can machine wash repeatedly, without comprising on its look and appeal.

Chiavari chair covers

Last but not the least is the Chiavari chair covers that steal the show. They look plush, elegant, and luxurious. You can choose from chiffon, sequin, organza, and cascading ripples varieties.


Chair covers are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style to your ordinary chairs. Now that you know about these varieties, go ahead and make a perfect choice for your big event.