April 13, 2021

Top Advertising Channels to Boost your Brand Visibility Even On a Budget

Advertising Channels to Boost your Brand

Advertising Channels to Boost your Brand

At present, the global economy has hit a massive low. In a way, it means that the companies will be working on cutting down their expenses to stay afloat. Unfortunately, for a lot of companies and brands, it is the advertising budget, which sees a significant cut. Though advertising is one big chunk of the business expense, it is quintessential if the company aspires to target new and even the current customers. Completely eliminating advertising could be an absolute disaster for a company. However, there are certainly a few ways that you can reach out to your clients even if you have made some price cuts. There are multiple channels, which give businesses a chance to advertise without any added cost. So, all companies who are concerned about advertising and marketing must explore these channels as they offer an exciting and budget-friendly way for them to interact and associate with the clients. Let’s get started and take a look at them one by one.

Social media

Rebecca, a social media manager for TrumpLearning, says that the number one way of free advertisement is social media. Well, absolutely! Social media platforms can let you create trending and viral content. When you create good content, people will automatically share it with others. So, when your content is interesting or funny, it is bound to go viral. Hence, use social media to your advantage, and you can have your content shared by millions of people.

Facebook Marketplace

The online advertising landscape is persistently evolving. Thus, to avail of maximum value, you need to adapt and try new things. At present, Facebook Marketplace is the best option that we have. It has a good reach and costs you zero money. It is predominantly because Facebook, in itself, works hard to boost its marketplace platform on its platform.

Guest Posts

Businesses who blog can indeed use guest posting as an impeccable strategy to build brand awareness. At most platforms, it is free to be a guest contributor, as it is equally beneficial for both the parties. Guest posting needs a small budget, and even then it brings in good conversions and growth rate.


Instagram is a new and useful tool to promote your business and develop your brand. The good thing is it does not cost you a thing. However, if you want, you can even promote a post with money. It will increase the reach of your post beyond your followers. Gargi, a TAE social media manager, says that if your Instagram posts are visually appealing and have a congruent theme, Instagram can bring you good reach.


Reddit is an incredible resource that you can use to answer the questions. It, in a way, helps you position as a leader in the industry. You can join all the relevant communities, and then help people with any problem that they may have. The more active you are in answering, the bigger would be your following. When you have a loyal following, you can even encourage the users to check your website.

Your website

Of course, writing articles is time-consuming, but if you can create informative articles, there is no better form of advertisement. You can post the articles on your website and rank high for specific topics. Further, if your articles are good, you can even get them posted on the different publications, and achieve better traction.


To be honest with you, LinkedIn is hugely underrated. Daniel, an independent associate who offers engineering homework help, says that he uses the LinkedIn platform to publicise about his services. It is indeed an excellent platform for promotion as there are hundreds of millions of professionals and other people who are active on LinkedIn. It is indeed one platform, which is hungry for content. Every like on LinkedIn has an enormous outreach potential. The good thing is that even the LinkedIn Premium is highly affordable for almost all businesses. If you have the premium account, you can send mails to prospective clients to other professionals from your industry.

Google My Business

If you are a small business looking for an advertising platform, you can check out Google My Business. It is 100% free and lets you target the local customers, who are more likely to use your products or services. One of the most significant benefits of Google My Business is that your business can have reviews and ratings there. So, whenever someone looks for you on Google, you can find star ratings in the map listings and the search results.


We love social media branding. When you work on your brand, you are at a position to reach people around the world. It also opens up tons of business opportunities for you. Jennifer, a social media marketing manager for FineGrades, says that to make the most of social media, you need to be genuine and honest in your content. If done right, Tik Tok can help you reach people who you share mutual interests with.