May 9, 2021

How to Style Your Antique and Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Looking beautiful and fashionable is not only about the clothes and sandals you wear. Jewelries play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your outfit. Vintage Jewelry can make you look more adorable and appealing. On the other hand, antique jewelry makes one more sophisticated and elegant. Styling them is one of the most difficult tasks which one has to face. Improper styling can make you look pale.

Let us know about the hacks through which you can style the aforesaid jewels.

1) Add some metallic jewelry 

Earlier women never used to wear silver and gold. However, as of now, the scenario is totally different. Adding metallic jewelry to your vintage jewelry collection gives you a distinguishing etiquette. It is recommended not to wear pure gold with metallic and antique jewelry since it can get you to scratch on your gold jewelry. Adding metals to your vintage jewelry gives you a look to remember throughout your life. It can be really amazing and beautiful. However, the improper combination can make you look numb.

2) Add more necklaces

Vintage Jewelry works best when you add more necklaces. The more layers will surely help you in enhancing your look. Pearls offers a distinctive vintage elegance to the wearer. You can layer the statement pieces so as to get a bold look. It is recommended to add layers that would match your outfit. Matching your vintage and antique jewelry with your outfit is a crucial step during styling. If you don’t like wearing heavy stuff, then you must go for small vintage pendants. Knotted antique necklaces give you a distinctive charisma. 

3) Play with the color of your jewelry

Colors play a crucial role when it comes to playing with your antique and vintage jewelry. The metals seldom go well with gemstones. Red and orange colors go well, so try making full use of it. Adding red rubies and green emeralds will surely make you look vivacious. On the other hand, you must not add too many colors so that your outfit gets hidden. The vintage style chains are known for their immense designs. Incorporating it with your antique jewelry will definitely give you a gorgeous look. Simple circled earrings go perfectly well with antique jewelry. On the contrary, diamond-studded earrings go well with vintage jewelry. 

How can you style your vintage jewelry (bracelet)? 

Wearing multiple vintage bracelets gives you a cool and a cherishing look. Do not wear bracelets with full sleeves. It is up to you to wear thick bracelets or thin bracelets. A white dress is best suited with a silver-lined bracelet. Similarly, a vintage bracelet is best suited to gowns.

How to style your antique necklaces and earrings? 

The neckline is one of the crucial factors to consider. A deep neckline permits you to wear longer necklaces. A small pendant goes well with all sorts of necklines. Do not add too many layers when you can’t carry them properly. Women with longer hairs should prefer wearing larger earrings. On the contrary, women with shorter hairs should wear studded earrings. Earrings play a vital role in influencing your jewelry etiquette. 


While buying vintage and antique jewelry, you must not get swayed by the false claims made by the sellers. A quality check is a must before buying them.

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