April 13, 2021

Surprising Things You Didn’t Know about Celebrity and Instagram

Celebrity and Instagram

Celebrity and Instagram

When you see Britney Spears bending over her iPhone to post her next stunning Instagram photo, give it a thought. Did you know that busy celebs have no time to make it to a skincare clinic? It means that celebrities do not have time to manage their Instagram posts. The same rule holds for celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, or Enrique.

Earlier celebs used to summon us from the movies or pages of the magazine, but these days, they invite their fans into their private planes, bathrooms, or backstage through social media platforms such as Instagram. They give you a sneak peek of their so-wow lives. You check your smartphones and get the latest celeb updates – every minute of their lives. Then, with stage performance, TV show acting, reading dialogs for movies, and tours, how do the celebrities get so much of time? To be honest, they do not post on Instagram most of the time. They have their managers to post on social media.

According to an article published on Huffpost, even you can post on Instagram and get the same reaction received by a celebrity! Focus on basic human emotions when it comes to your posts. Social media is a big business. Here are three surprising things you did not know about celeb and Instagram:

Every Instagram image has professionals behind it

When you see Britney Spears sporting a snug swimsuit embracing all her curves by the turquoise waters of the ocean, sipping virgin Mojito, the photo is an orchestrated creation. Yes, there is a team of experts behind these celeb images on Instagram. The celeb hair, makeup, attire, and footwear look flawless because professionals work on these photos.

There is much effort, a closet full of clothes, and the process is quick, throwing up the hair, or throwing it down. Then, the experts have to touch up 10-15 visuals and anything more thereafter; celebrities pay these professionals by the hour.

Yes, the team uses Photoshop and most of the images go through full photoshopping. Only those images are chosen that look flawless. When it comes to Hollywood, the experts behind the images make around $10,000, while the celebs earn $50,000 or as much as $100,000. Therefore, it is big money and therefore experts make celeb pictures look stunning and perfect. Celebs also buy Instagram followers and likes, to give their profile and photos a boost.

Celeb managers make 6-figure salaries to create witty Instagram posts

Once managers sign the non-disclosure agreement, social media managers are busy and they are in constant demand. Then, high paychecks come with more responsibility and greater risks. If one Instagram post goes wrong, then it could mean an unfortunate end of a glamorous job. There are many instances when a manager has been fired because she has posted something wrong or the celeb did not like the post at all. It means that social media managers hired by celebs need to work meticulously and have attention to detail. They must have an eye for spotting flaws and rectify the same before a celeb post goes live on Instagram. The job is instant, speedy, and it has to be flawless. There is zero tolerance for mistakes. If you goof up, you’re fired right away.

The job involves not just posting celebrity photos and videos, but the copy, images, retouching, and strategy and fan management, which mean managers, need to reply to the fans. The process requires talent, skill, and teamwork.

Number of engaged fan following matters

Celebs do not care about the number of followers but user engagement on Instagram posts. The math is the ratio of comments and likes to fan following that is being desired. When it comes to celeb posts on Instagram, engaged followers make the real difference. It implies that the fans are not only looking at the stunning bikini-clad photo of Jennifer Lopez, but they are interacting with the post through likes and comments. It means participation and involvement. When the celeb has devoted engagement, fans purchase the product showcased in the photo.

Celebs must stay relevant

These days, celebs know that movie or music studios will look at Instagram posts when considering an actor for his next role. It means big money and therefore, investors must know that the star can inspire the fans so that they visit the theaters or motivate the fans to attend the concert in town.

Instagram ensures intimacy with the celebs and therefore actors and singers should stay relevant. Social media cannot remain inert. Fans start liking or commenting on a photo of Brad Pitt when his movie hits the theaters. There are additional rules like time of posting Instagram content, the use of relevant hashtags, and smart captions.


You know how celeb social media content is managed, these days. Yes, there is a huge team to work on the photos and posts to make them perfect sans any flaws.