April 13, 2021

How to choose the perfect online examination software?

online examination software

online examination software

Since past many years, a lot of universities and institutes have been dependent on the traditional and conventional methods of conducting the examinations. They had to make various kinds of decisions, for example, hiring the recruiters, choice of teachers, question papers, logistics and many more. All these are very lengthy procedures and involve a lot of expenditure as well. Right from the managing of several questions to the evaluations of the student’s everything was manual. But with the introduction of technology and advancement made in that technology a lot of drawbacks faced by the above-mentioned methods have been overcome. Even the physical and monetary efforts have been significantly reduced with the introduction of the concept of online examination software. A lot of institutions are accepting this to satisfy their stakeholders and to simplify their ways of doing things.

 Following are some of the tips so that universities or institutions can go with the option of choosing the best examination software very easily:

 The interface should be very much user-friendly and the accessibility features should be very easy: The meaning of the technology is to simplify the processes which were earlier being done with the help of manual efforts. So, there is no sense of investing funds into that particular technology which is very difficult to understand or operate. In all the training related institutes or even organizations, the accessibility of the online examination platforms is a very major concern from the perspective of every person associated with the whole process. The user should have complete freedom to use it from anywhere and the only requirement should be a smart device along with internet connection. The whole system should be operated based on web or cloud-based systems so that there is no need to install or download the particular type of software.

The process of creating and conducting the test should be very easy: A lot of teachers and students are new to the concept of online assessments and they have to be provided with proper and clear instructions oh that they can conduct the whole process smoothly. To enhance the efficiency of the overall process and simplify the task a lot of companies also provide demos and FAQs so that all doubts can be cleared instantly. The best part of this online system and program is that it should have the feature of creating and conducting the tests in a very easy manner. It should provide support to all types of questions which include this objective of active ones. Such software should also provide the future of having a question bank so that the invigilator or assessor can use it to build various kinds of questions. At the time of uploading the questions, the person should also have various kinds of options. Similarly, the candidate should also have an equal amount of convenience at the time of attempting the test so that they can begin the whole process very easy. The credentials related to the age and other details of the candidate should be present in the software so that there is no need for editing it time and again. The software should also provide regular and timely updates so that all the issues in performance can be dealt side-by-side.

It should provide the feature of scalability: The online examination software should provide the feature of scalability so that several numbers of candidates can be simultaneously assessed at a single point of time irrespective of the constraint of geography. So, the only platform should be provided with a robust service structure so that it can facilitate various kinds of criteria of scalability and higher response times. Even if the unforeseen circumstances like power failures the server should be able to cope up and hold off the data without incurring any kind of loss. The auto-save feature is also a very essential feature and the investors must consider this point at the time of investing in a particular company and its software.

The software should also have the inbuilt proctoring type of feature: The proctoring is a very modern concept and aspect of the assessment. It should provide complete reliability of the data. A lot of candidates go with the option of using the unethical ways like cheating to pass the test but the software should provide the anti-cheating feature and it should provide a wide range of functionalities so that it can ensure that the candidates never indulge in any kind of malpractice during the whole scenario of exams. The computer-based test platform is the most common one used at the time of proctoring which includes using the Web camera and the microphone so that recordings can be made in both audio and video format.

The software should provide comprehensive reporting along with proper analysis: Reporting system of the online test software should be very strong so that the whole procedure can be completed efficiently. It should provide various kinds of test-related reports on several factors which are very easy to understand and analyze. It should also provide various kinds of statistical and graphical tools so that the overall process is very easy to understand. The report should also include the candidate wise, subject wise, question wise and other types of analysis as well.

The system should be very much easy to integrate with existing systems of the organization or institution: Mostly a lot of institutions and organizations are already using some of the technical systems for the employees and students. So, the new examination platform should be even more flexible so that it can provide proper integration with that existing system without any kind of conflict. The features of branding and labelling should also be configured very easily so that company’s logo can be inserted on it.

Hence, at the time of choosing the online examination software, the people should also consider the consumer service factor because in case of malfunctioning the company should provide proper and complete support to conduct the overall process smoothly and efficiently. So, all the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind at the time of choosing the online exam software.