May 9, 2021

What to Know Before Purchasing an Escape Proof Harness

dogs escaping

dogs escaping

Dog owners are right to be concerned about their dogs escaping. Our dogs risk their lives every time they escape, and if they refuse to cooperate with us it is likely to diminish the quality of any relationship that we have with our pets.

Dogs escaping their collars can be a symptom of a relationship problem. Dogs that do so are hardly motivated to do what we want. They have probably discovered a successful strategy for getting to do what they want instead.

Buying an escape-proof harness is a worthwhile step. If that is something you want to do then have a look at iPetCompanion. However, it will not be the whole solution to the collar-slipping problem. It won’t solve the relationship problem that causes the issue.

Tackling that problem is a much bigger challenge. It needs to be addressed in much greater detail. The expert dog trainers would suggest that you need one of them to help to find the key to motivating a dog to follow your commands and do what you ask.

It’s a widely held misconception that dogs are trying to please us. What all dogs do is try to please themselves. It is a lucky coincidence that what pleases many of our dogs also happens to make us feel happy.

Eager to please

You will know if your dog is   one of those   that are known as being  “eager to please.” They are the ones that are extremely eager to please themselves. It is fortunate that in most cases this pleasing factor turns out to be aligned with our own. Every dog is motivated by something. If you are or have hired a good positive trainer you will be capable to determine what it is that motivates your dog. You will be able to identify its “somethings”.

Understanding a dog’s motivation also helps with other issues you may have. For example, if a dog appears to be indifferent to its food, it may be that you just identified the right food for your dog yet. To be a good positive trainer you need to have access to a multiple of treat options with which to tempt your dog to follow your commands. When you find the right ones you can t5rain your dog to work for you because it will be pleasing itself.

When it comes to the collar or harness that you choose you need to look at several different brands and styles of the head halter. Many owners find the Halti is too easy for a dog to escape from. There are others that you need to beware of because they too are far from escape-proof. This is particularly the case with any dogs who have found collar-slipping can be a very successful strategy.

Have a look at the Premier Collars. These are also called limited-slip collars or martingales. When this style of a collar or harness is fitted correctly, it will tighten only if your dog tries to reverse out of it. And even then only enough to prevent the dog’s escape, not enough to cause him to choke or damage his trachea. This collar should keep most dogs secure and safe while you carry out some training to help you and your dog fix whatever underlying relationship issues you may have.