May 11, 2021

Tips on Buying a Wedding Ring

 Getting married is one of the most special and precious moments in life. And the perfect wedding ring can make it memorable for your lifetime. Buying a wedding ring and preparing yourself for the proposal is quite exciting. It is easy to get caught up in the romance, but buying a wedding ring is usually a considerable expense, so you want to be sure to get the right and affordable wedding rings.

However, there are so many different styles and designs available, it can be hard to decide what you should choose. The wedding ring reflects the couple’s style, taste, and values. There is a ring out there for every budget. Ring shopping requires little research and understanding of the product to get the perfect one for the moment. So if you’re planning to propose or need to buy a wedding ring, here are some ideas as to what factors to consider while going for the ring shopping. Especially if you are an inexperienced buyer these tips will definitely help you.

  1. Choose the shape of the stone

 When buying a diamond you must be aware of the taste of your partner. Diamonds come in different shapes and it is the diamond’s outline when viewed face-up. Round shape diamond is the most popular and expensive one. The other shapes are fancy shapers are the marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square and heart. Before venturing out for the ring shopping study the cuts and shapes of a diamond and keep one or two in mind.

  1. Choosing the right metal for the band

Here you have a choice between traditional yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. In recent years rose gold has been the trending one for its warm and soothing appearance. Platinum and silver have a very similar look but platinum is significantly expensive as it is greater in density and is a rare metal. The diamond set in white metal highlights the clarity of the diamond. Silver is not a durable metal, its beauty and shine tarnish over time. Some metals like silver and white gold may require maintenance as they wear out. So before deciding on the metal consider your lifestyle and your budget as well.

  1. Carat size of the stone

 The carat weight determines the diamond’s size. The higher the carat weight the higher the price. When deciding the carat weight keep your budget in mind.  Choose the uncommon diamond weight. Eg. go for .92 carat instead of 1 carat. This should save you some bucks.

  1. Select the design

  As a wedding ring is worn every day, it should make the wearer feel good and happy about wearing it. While selecting the design you have to keep your taste and style aside as think of her style and taste. The best way to avoid any blunders is to ask your girl directly, but if you want it to be a surprise then you have to put in efforts to find out. By observing the signs of taste, taking help from family and friends. The design should be of the style that suits her and makes her smile.

  1. Getting the right size of the ring

   Keeping all other factors … This is one of the top priorities, getting the ring of the correct size to get your moment going smoothly. When going for ring shopping make sure to have the correct ring size of your beloved. There are ways how you can get the ring size: by sneaking in the ring and getting the race of the inner ring on the paper or by pressing it in a soap bar or if you’re good with your judgments then by sliding it down in your finger and keeping it in mind where it fits.

  1. Invest in a certified diamond

    When investing in such an expensive piece of jewelry for your beloved make sure that you only buy a certified diamond. That will give you surety and satisfaction of buying without any doubt. Diamonds are certified on the basis of grade, color, and clarity. GIA and AGS Are laboratories that certify diamonds with their full characteristics.

  1. Budget is the key factor

  With all other aspects of the ring, you have to keep in mind the budget for the ring. In today’s market, there are a variety of products available that fit in every budget. You just have to research well and patiently scan through the market to find the right purchase for you and your loved one. It’s not always larger than life. There are many stores that offer affordable wedding rings to suit your pocket without compromising on quality.

Go ahead and find that perfect ring for your partner that will make her swoon and fits in your budget. So you both are happy for life. After a thorough understanding, it will be easier for you to in the market at least with basic knowledge. It will make the process of purchasing the ring all the more fun and pleasant for both of you.