May 9, 2021

What is the actual meaning of Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning literally means “air treatment”. An air conditioner is a device that creates a pleasant or calm indoor climate.

With air conditioning you can cool, heat (versions with heat pump), dehumidify the air and ventilate. Air conditioning ensures a comfortable and pleasant feeling all year round. An air conditioner is therefore able to:

  • check the temperature
  • to check the humidity
  • ensure air circulation

Air conditioners in heat pump version

A reversible or “dual inverter” air conditioning system can not only cool but also heat. A room can be energy-efficiently heated with the heat pump or so-called “heat pump” system. A heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transports it to the room to be heated. The heat is not generated, but displaced, making it an energy-efficient way of heating. You can best describe a heat pump as a reverse air conditioning.

Are air conditioners with heat pumps more expensive?

Because the production costs of air conditioners have fallen dramatically in recent years and the efficiency of the air conditioning producers has been greatly increased, air conditioning with heat pump is hardly even more expensive than a comparable device that can only cool.

Why air conditioning?

People feel comfortable with a certain temperature and humidity level. A constant temperature and humidity do wonders.

The feeling of comfort is a very relative concept: feeling good depends on various factors such as room temperature, mood, humidity, air circulation, ventilation, noise, dust, etc. Air conditioning devices influence the temperature (by cooling or heating), humidity and ventilation.

Adjust temperature

Air conditioning provides an ideal and bearable temperature. For example, when it is 32 ° C outside, we can speak of a comfortable indoor climate if the inside temperature is 6 to 8 ° C lower than the outside temperature.


The relative humidity in particular has a strong impact on comfort. A high humidity makes us sweat. The drop in temperature caused by air conditioning units is accompanied by a reduction in the humidity of the air.

The drops of sweat on the surface of the skin evaporate and the heat of evaporation extracted from the skin gives a feeling of freshness. If the humidity is too high, the evaporation of the sweat droplets decreases and this natural cooling effect stops. Air conditioning units reduce the humidity level when cooling the air, which facilitates the evaporation of the sweat droplets and increases your comfort.

Ventilation and circulation

Air conditioning devices ensure good homogeneous, uniform air distribution. A good distribution of fresh and filtered air ensures a pleasant feeling of comfort. Air conditioning devices can also help to remove dust, dust mites and odors thanks to their built-in filter systems.

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