April 13, 2021

4 Things To Do In Ooty For This Vacation With Friends

Most people prefer to choose best hill station for their vacation. Of course, it is quite a mesmerizing option to make you feel enjoyable to maximum. In India, you can find many numbers of hot spots, but choosing finest one would be quite an efficient option. Most people choose to enjoy their vacation in Ooty hills, and it is also called as ‘Queen of Hill Stations.’ It would be a much more efficient option for enjoying your time on whole in this hill station. Ooty is beautifully located at an altitude 2240m above sea level in Western Ghats zone. Ooty is much more popular among family vacationers as there are lots to enjoy in these beautiful mountain ranges. Most of family vacationers and honeymooners tend to choose this spot for their vacation and easier to enjoy nature. Normally, Ooty boosts with more number of charmers that include aromatic tea estates, lush surroundings, salubrious climate, and more. It would be quite an amazing option to enjoy every day in this beautiful mountain range.

Beautiful Range Of Doddabetta Peak:

One of most impressive peaks in Ooty is Doddabetta Peak, and it is located at an altitude of 2623 m above sea level. This is considered as one of highest points in this most unusual and beautiful hill station. Usually, panoramic views also surround highlands of Mysore as well as plains of most astounding Coimbatore. Usually, this beautiful Doddabetta Peak is also located at just 10 Km away from main city. In fact, it would be quite an efficient option for reaching highest peak in quite popular places. Here is your bt option for taking panoramic view of nature along with its beauty to maximum. Tourists can also enjoy Telescope house at Peak.

Botanical Gardens:

When you are interested in viewing beautiful nature, then choosing Botanical Gardens would be best solution. It is spread in most amazing 22 hectares of most astounding rising slopes. It is mainly located at an altitude of about 2400 m above sea level. It is primarily enabled with more tourist attraction sites in beautiful Botanical Gardens. Visiting this beautiful place filled with lovely shrubs, rare colored lilies, flowering trees, and more would be quite an amazing choice.

Stone House:

When you like to enjoy visiting historical place in Ooty, then choosing Stone House is one of perfect options. It was originally commissioned in 1822 by John Sullivan. It is believed that he is founder of Ooty. Sullivan’s oak tree present in front of building is quite famous here. People are especially fond of most astounding structural architecture for its innovative stone house. roof of this bungalow is like that of hut shape, and it is wholly colored in green. Beautiful places across this bungalow have lichens, pine, orchid trees, and many others covered. To know more about Ooty and attractive sites, visit travel setu for getting wide information.

Ooty Lake:

Located right behind Central Bus Stand in Ooty, beautiful Ooty Lake is quite famous. It is shape of L-shaped Lake and at length of 2.75 km. It is an artificial lake established by John Sullivan in 1825. Ooty Lake lets you treat your eyes in most lovely place to maximum.