June 23, 2021

Can You Lay Your Own Flooring?

Can I replace flooring myself?

When you decide to look into renovations for your home, you might decide to cut some costs where you can. Though hiring a professional will give you the best finish, you can often grab similar results yourself at a much cheaper price. Let’s take a look at whether or not you are going to be feasibly able to lay your own flooring. Can You Lay Your Own Flooring?

Flooring Type

Want to lay your own flooring? First, ensure you are choosing the right type of flooring first! Carpet is one of the most difficult to put down, as it needs to be flat and properly secured. For this reason, it is often best to have a professional take care of it for you.

However, there are plenty of other types of flooring that can give you the effect that you want while also being easy to lay. For example, luxury vinyl flooring often comes with a wood print. Since this is a waterproof material, it can be much better for bathrooms and other wet environments where true wood would not be a good match. On top of these benefits, it is also easy for you to lay!

The Right Tools

With any DIY project, you need to make sure that you have the right tools at hand. Not doing so means that you are not going to be able to complete the task to the standard that you might expect.  To use the luxury vinyl flooring example again – it requires you to have run-of-the-mill tools like a saw, a tape measure, and spirit level, when installing it, for instance, but, also, a rubber mallet and 7-10mm spacers. You could end up with a substandard finish, as well as a few errors from attempts to bodge an issue that you encountered.

Luckily, many flooring suppliers also pass on the tools that their clients will need to be able to properly lay the floors. Invest in these tools. They are not too much of an expense on top of the flooring itself, and it will give you what you need to ensure that the floor goes down correctly. Don’t doubt the importance of these tools; they could prevent you from making a mistake that you would then have to pay more to fix afterward.


You need to make sure that you leave plenty of time to lay your floors properly. This needs to be done correctly, and since you might not have the skills to do this then you need to ensure that you are spending the time to ensure it meets an appropriate standard. You will pick up speed with time, and, by the end of the floor, you will be laying like a pro.

It is important to remember that there are plenty of resources that you can turn to if you do run into any issues. With guides and videos galore all over the internet, you should have no trouble tracking down the guidance that you need to be able to progress the project. On top of that, you could even head to a DIY forum to talk things through with some other enthusiasts. There are so many places you can turn to get the results that you need.

Though it can seem like an intimidating project at first, it is entirely possible for you to lay your own flooring! It can be a great way for you to cut down on some of the costs associated with renovating your property, and it can give you a great sense of achievement as you will know that you had a hand in creating that floor. If you think you want to take on this project you should definitely do so. It can be a great way for you to expand your skills as a DIYer!