June 23, 2021

Reasons to get CSM Certified

Who should do Scrum Master certification?

A Scrum Master might seem like a project manager, but that isnt the case. A scrum team is self-organising, so there isnt a team leader who would delegate tasks. The whole team comes together to resolve the issues. A Scrum Master is like a servant leader responsible for ensuring that every team member has everything that they need, right from the beginning. Their role is more of leading and coaching rather than just commanding.  

Professionals looking to build a strong foundation in Scrum would benefit greatly from the CSM training course, i.e. Certified Scrum Master Certification training course. It is a globally recognised certification offered by Scrum Alliance. The CSM training course is suitable for team leaders, project managers, developers, testers, analysts, and architects involved with product delivery. It is the best option for professionals who want to pursue a career as a Scrum Master and prove their knowledge and skills in Scrum terminology, principle, and practices in the CSM exam. There are various benefits of pursuing the CSM training course and certification, including – 

  • Acquiring knowledge of Scrum – With the CSM certification, professionals can explain their knowledge, whether theyre a Scrum novice or an experienced professional. The certification is an advantage for professionals who manage large teams across various departments using the same framework.                                                                
  • Career progression – By acquiring the CSM certification, professionals can expand their career opportunities. It makes them stand out amongst their competitors and makes them more attractive to potential employers. Professionals are equipped with the required skills to fulfil their organisation’s business goals with the CSM certification. Having the CSM certification would lead professionals to be offered a higher salary than their non-certified peers. It would prove that they have an Agile mindset, which would be advantageous for their organisation. 
  • Team Collaboration and Management – Professionals can motivate and lead their teammates as Certified ScrumMasters. They can guide them and lead the team to work together smoothly. This credential is evidence for their employers that they possess skills as well as experience to lead an Agile team. It also gives them an edge over their counterparts.                                                                                                                      
  • Risk management skills – Professionals who have acquired the CSM certification are expected to judge potential risks and hazards in a new project. They are trained to identify the risks and resolve them. They are also trained to prioritise tasks that need to be completed by the Scrum team so that the product can be developed and delivered successfully.                                                                                                                       
  • Networking – After acquiring the CSM certification, professionals receive membership of the reputed Scrum Alliance, wherein they can connect with other Scrum experts and expand their network. This can increase their market value and also enhance their Scrum knowledge. They can stay updated with the latest happenings in Scrum as the members of Scrum Alliance are from all over the world.                                      
  • Asset to the organisation – Certified Scrum Master professionals are assets to their organisation because adopting a new approach affects the whole enterprise, whether it is the people, process, management, or clients. When a trained Scrum Master implements the framework, success can be expected.                                                                                                 
  • Badge of Honour – Having a CSM certification showcases that a professional is an expert in their field of practice, making it a badge of honour for them to wear with pride.  

To acquire a CSM certification, candidates need to undergo CSM training and take the online CSM exam. CSM certified professionals can also expect a higher annual average salary as compared to their counterparts. If you are looking forward to pursuing your career as a Scrum Master, you should pursue CSM certification by Scrum Alliance.