May 7, 2021

11 Great Ideas for Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in 2021

11 Great Ideas for Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in 2021

Buying and growing cannabis seeds are becoming a normal way for most individuals who require a self-recreational and medical marijuana supply. Immediately you get all the things you need, including tents to cultivate marijuana at home, growing cannabis may be very affordable than buying it from the streets, online dispensaries, and social clubs.

Getting cannabis seeds online is one of the benefits of modern eCommerce. Purchasing seeds online can be challenging because of various vulnerabilities that come with transacting through the internet. There are a lot of tips, which can avert a bad cannabis experience. These tips include the following:

  1. Know the Law

Before you even decide to buy cannabis seeds, make sure you know the law. This simply means that there are a few countries where marijuana is prohibited.

If your country allows you to germinate and cultivate marijuana, it can be simple to make the right decision. By doing this, you might be sure that no one can arrest you for ordering or purchasing your cannabis seeds online.

  1. Determine the Kind of Phenotype

When you visit a seed bank’s site, you may see that they usually sell auto-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds of a similar strain. This means that the cannabis plant, which comes out of the seeds, would be the same, though the way you need to care for them might vary.

Regular seeds can turn to female or male plants, while feminized are around 95% guaranteed to grow female plants. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds may not require the cycling of dark and light environments and start budding on their own when the time is right.

  1. Consider a Discreet Shipping Option

Some marijuana seed banks provide a few discreet shipping options. While many websites leave the details of these options vague, they normally involve hiding the marijuana seed within other items, like flashlights, DVD cases, or pens.

This way, even if the order is opened, it will look like something else. This may ensure that your seeds make it through customs and could be a nice way to avoid people who have prying eyes. Although discreet shipping options may cost you extra cash to compensate for the more materials and time it requires, it is worth it.

  1. Make a Small Order

Even if you get a reliable seed bank, it is important to always buy a small number of seeds so as to evaluate how they perform. Besides, you don’t wish to spend cash on seeds, which cannot arrive at all or germinate.

Making a small order will allow you to evaluate a few things, including customer service, germination rates, shipping times, and quality of the seeds, without risking a lot of cash.

  1. Prioritize Payment Options

Pick a dependable seed company, which accepts your chosen payment method. A great company will accept various payment options, such as debit and credit cards. In addition, they negotiate in other ways when you speak to their customer support desk.

A reliable company will also be a phone call away so as to answer all your questions concerning its services. You might reach out to the company by sending a message through email or making a call.

  1. Use a Different Email Address and Name

If you need to prevent your details, particularly the name, being linked with marijuana-related items, choose to place your orders without track and trace. This simply means that you shouldn’t sign parcels or envelopes once they get delivered. Instead, use abbreviations or initials if you need to.

Apart from that, you need to use another name without including your real names. You may make a free email address with either Gmail or Outlook. When browsing, be sure to use search engines, such as Qwant. This way, your personal details will not be stored.

  1. Practice Patience

Many international cannabis seed banks, especially those situated in Amsterdam, take a lot of time than what you might be used to.

If you choose to order from Amsterdam, be sure to give it more time, like one month or more, before you start complaining to your vendor.

  1. Check the Resourcefulness

It would be important if you have more than one vendor. With good vendors, it means you will find a rich pool of resources so as to help you pick the right strains, harvest quality cannabis, and care for your marijuana plants.

You may also browse through the vendors’ site to determine whether they are loaded with helpful information and if the support team is very responsive. With active customer support and extensive resources, your buying process can be smooth, including returns.

  1. Pay Attention to Guarantees and Refunds

Before you buy your seeds from any seed bank or dispensary, you must go through their policies regarding the non-availability of products and shipment loss.

This way, you might be able to avoid uncomfortable times when making claims to the seed bank or dispensary.

  1. Choose Between Outdoor or Indoor

Growing inside may offer you more flexibility because you will fine-tune and control your crops’ growing culture. This provides you with more freedom in terms of which seeds you choose to purchase.

However, if you decide to grow outside, you may spend more time researching the right seeds you should buy to ensure they thrive in your unique environment and climate.

  1. Look for a Good Seed Bank

If you stay in a state where marijuana is allowed, you might find some dispensaries that now sell seeds. It might seem like a great idea to purchase locally, without risks of loss in waiting for delivery, but professionals don’t recommend this.

Manufacturing quality seeds is a specialized business, which needs professionalism in plant and horticulture management. Seed banks ensure that they deliver products as ordered. Though not every seed can germinate and produce healthy plants. This is a reality regardless of where you purchase your seeds, but many dependable seed banks like i49 can offer a surplus over and above the orders you make.

Final Remarks!

Because of how common CBD is these days, it can be possible to find all the details you need.

Finding the best seeds is something that can pay you off. By paying attention to the above tips, you will find it simple to get the right seeds to grow at home.