June 23, 2021

How to create Partitions without Building Walls?

How to create Partitions without Building Walls?

Many people prefer an open interior design due to several reasons. For instance, if you want to buy a spacious house that receives more fresh air and sunlight, you will need a house with open-design interiors. However, it is essential to install partitions so that two different rooms can be separated. If you do not want a wall partition in the interior design, there are many other options you can opt for. Mentioned below are a few unique ways to create partitions without building walls inside the house:

1 . A bookshelf or display unit

Installing a bookshelf or display unit is one of the most common ways to create a partition without building a wall. It is a very clever method as it makes the space more functional. Now, instead of a blank wall, you will have a storage unit that can be used to display a lot of decor items to enliven the appeal of the room. You can also use it as a bookshelf and flaunt your book collection. Compared to an opaque wall, a bookshelf or display unit will be a lot more functional. Choose a design that complements the home decor. These storage are easily available in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

2 : Wood frames for partition

To eliminate the boring look from a space, wooden frames are a great option for partitions. They make use of the space smartly and create a partition without reducing the functionality of the space. A wooden partition creates the illusion of a partition without obstructing the view or blocking the flow of air and light. You can easily find wooden frames in various colours, patterns, and designs in the market. Also, you can get customized wooden frames that are designed and coloured to complement the interior design. So, if you want a partition, you can consider installing a wooden frame.

3 . Install swings as partitions

If you want to give more of a traditional look to your house, you can use swings as partitions. They might look subtle but are an effective alternative. You can easily divide the free flow of space with a swing installed in between two areas. These are preferred by many people when they look for options that create a partition without occupying any space. Swings do not obstruct the view or free flow of air and light and hence, are the perfect solution to create a partition and make the space more functional. There are many colours, designs, patterns available in the market. Choose a swing with warm neutral colours and a vintage look for a traditional setup.

4 : Install a hanging garden

People, who always look for eco-friendly approaches, will prefer a hanging garden as a partition. For starters, a small hanging garden inside the house will look very appealing. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the indoors feel very fresh when a hanging garden is installed as a partition. You can design a hanging garden according to your will so that it looks good with the overall home decor. Be selective while choosing the plants for the hanging garden. Not all plants appear nice indoors. Small potted plants are preferred by most people. You can also design the hanging garden with climbing vines, supported by ropes. Also, make sure to choose plants that do not require much air or sunlight as they will be placed indoors. Planting trees indoors can make the place dirty. So, clean the place every day.

5 . A big storage unit

Storage units make great partitions. Whether it is the living room or dining room, you can install a storage unit almost anywhere to create a partition and make the space more functional. You should choose the storage unit depending on the design and size of the space you want to install it. They are easily available in various colours, patterns, and styles. If you want a storage unit that complements the interior design and reflects your personal style, you can get a custom-made storage unit as well. Use this place to store items and display your decor items.