May 16, 2021

Alton Brown Net Worth – Biography, Career, Spouse And More

Alton Brown

Alton Brown is a multi-gifted American involved in acting, T.V. character, writer, and superstar chef. He possesses a net worth with a predicted discern of $13 million. He worked as a cinematographer for numerous musical short-long videos similar to R.E.M.’s titled “The One I Love,” He has become a graduate in the yr 1997 from Culinary Institute (New England).

Alton Brown isn’t always a fan of kitchen utensils that can’t carry out multiple projects at a time. Between the years 1998-2012, he featured for the famous PBS show “Good Eats” that became the winner of the 2006 “Peabody award” but changed into later owned through Food Network. He later worked on the “Chef America” in the remark branch and “The Next Iron Chef” for the identical post.

He became the host of the 2013 cutthroat kitchen show; he has also seemed indifferent to advertisements, including Heifer international, preferred electric, and plenty of others. Presently he owns the Alton Brown cast podcast and changed into honored because of the great tv food character in the yr 2011 by James Beard and in the yr 2004, the cooking trainer of the yr through Bon Appetite Magazine.



  • American

Date of Birth

  • 30th July 1962

Place of Birth

  • Los Angeles, CA


  • New England Culinary Institute
  • University of Georgia

Cooking Styles

  • Southern
  • American

Television Shows

  • Iron Chef Gauntlet
  • Cutthroat Kitchen
  • The Next Food Network Star
  • Feasting On Asphalt
  • Feasting on Waves
  • Iron Chef America
  • Good Eats


  • 58


  • TV Personality


  • 180 cm


  • Deanna Brown

Net Worth

  • $13 million