May 9, 2021

Sean Astin Net Worth – Biography, Career, Spouse And More

Sean Astin Net Worth

Sean Astin was brought forth in the year 1971 February in the city of California (decisively Santa Monica was his origin). He was supposedly fathered by Desi Arnaz and mother Patty Duke who around then was a famous figure in the film business given her acting ability.

Twenty years after his introduction to the world, it was at last found that “Michael Tell” that worked in Las Vegas Israelite as a distributor and furthermore had the expertise of an author and that of a music advertiser was his organic dad. The connection between his mom and that of his natural dad finished before his introduction to the world and was subsequently embraced by John Astin.

The American whose vocation as an entertainer has been effective is broadly reviewed for his exhibitions in films like Lords of the rings set of three, 24, and also numerous others. He has Net Worth of about $40 million.

In the year 1992, Sean Astin attached the conjugal bunch with broadly Miss Indiana high schooler champion Christine Harrell and they are honored with youngsters.



  • American

Date of Birth

  • 25th February 1971

Place of Birth

  • Santa Monica, California


  • 49


  • Actor


  • 57 kg


  • 170 cm


  • Christine Harell

Net Worth

$40 million

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