April 13, 2021

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth – Biography, Career, Spouse And More

Seth Macfarlane

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth – Biography, Career, Spouse And More

Seth Woodbury was brought forth in the year 1973 26th October and throughout the long term, he has been associated with vivifying, voice acting, screen composing, singing, TV delivering and coordinating too, yet his essential job is that of quickening and satire alongside true to life and some more. Seth has made a few TV arrangement and furthermore co-made, such incorporates: Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, individually.

He has additionally been in charge of a few different motion pictures, for example, “Ted 1 and 2” and “million different ways to bite the dust in the west” in which he was the essayist chief. MacFarlane graduated as a liveliness expert from the school of plan in Rhode Island and went on into the Hollywood business where he kept on showing the amount of his ability was required.

He immediately had effects and made movement for various TV shows that incorporated the famous “Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Lab, I am Weasel and Prequel”. His flexibility and polished methodology in his works has at last prompted him been regarded with twofold Primetime Emmy Awards, Webby honor and a solitary Annie grant.

MacFarlane is a famous figure in the colleges of America given the way that he doesn’t uphold the battle against Gay and that he has acted in a few settings which has at last expanded his prevalence. Lately, the star delivered his first authority music collection named “Music is Better than Words”.


Date of Birth

26th October 1973
Place of Birth

Kent, CT



85 kg

178 cm


Emilia Clarke (Dating)
Net Worth

$200 Million