April 13, 2021

6 Tips to Decorate Your Neutral Living Room

6 Tips to Decorate Your Neutral Living Room

People often reckon that a neutral living room appears boring. That is far from the truth. It appears very attractive and creates a very relaxing and calm environment for the residents. If you can choose the right colours, patterns, and elements that complement the home design, any space will look very elegant and enticing. Mentioned below are a few ideas to decorate a neutral living room:

Choose the right patterns and textures

Neutral looks appear great when there are a lot of patterns and textures involved to add more features to the room. By combining different patterns, rough and smooth textures, a contrasting effect is created that enhances the beauty of the room. Commonly used elements include sheepskin, suede, cable knits, etc. There are always enough options available to incorporate in the room. However, do not try to go overboard with it. Adding too many elements might ruin the overall home design.


Adding great shapes to the living room can make it look more elegant. They will get noticed and make the room more alive. This can be done by introducing various furniture pieces that complement each other. Commonly used items include chairs, coffee tables, sofas, etc. You can pick both metal and wooden items. However, make sure that you use either wood or metal and not both.

While choosing the furniture, do not just look for only neutral colours. You can choose between cool and warm colours to make the living room design more interesting. Commonly used warm colours include undertones of red, orange, or yellow. Blue, green, and purple are considered cool colours. Choose either warm colour furniture or cool colour.

Include Details

Including just furniture is not enough to bring it to life. More elements are required to make it more interesting. Commonly used items for adding more details include lamps, decoratives, pendant lights, crown molding, etc. These elements complement the neutral color of the living room and enliven it. Also, all the elements do not have to be of the same colour. There are numerous neutral hues and tints that go along very well together. Instead of just opting for white decor, use lots of neutral colours. Contrasting colours give a chic look to the home design.

Neutral Paint

White is not the only neutral colour available in the market. There are numerous options people can choose from that include grey, beige, taupe, and shades of brown. Introducing these colours can make the walls appear more interesting. A room with a dark neutral paint appears more relaxing and comforting and eliminates the risk of the walls getting dirty easily. A dirty wall will ruin the overall living room design.

Use Contemporary Styles

Neutral colours are preferred more in contemporary and modern homes. Their look is more compatible with modern styles that focus on simplicity and minimalism. Commonly used neutral colours in modern homes are white. beige, black, and grey. However, introducing just these hues and shades will make it appear flat and unappealing. Introduce various patterns and textures with these colours for an elegant and opulent look.

Experiment With Furniture Shapes

In a neutral living room design, the furniture shapes and sizes often play a major role in beautifying it. You can choose items that are a little out of scale. They will add more details and the much needed visual weight to the room. Add a huge sofa to the space or bookshelf that draws attention towards it. Other items may include a coffee table, flower vase, or paintings. Together, they will appear very interesting and elevate the neutral living room design.