June 23, 2021

UAE’s mission to Mars and the inspiring new role models

UAE's main goal to Mars and the rousing new good examples

Arab world is most popular for delivering oil, not significant tech accomplishments or ladies being in bleeding edge. The UAE expects to correct this impression

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a peculiar and strange country. Not more than a day or two ago, it alarmed the world by turning out to be just the fifth nation (counting India) to effectively place a shuttle in circle around Mars, the principal Arab country to do as such. The aim of the Mars mission is to attempt to unwind the secret of how the Red Planet, which was all at once warm and wet, got dry and cold. The UAE space apparatus was dispatched on July 19, 2020, and arrived at its objective on February 10, 2021. Similarly however striking as the actual dispatch seems to be the head of the Mars mission, Sarah al-Amiri, a 33-year-old PC engineer who is additionally the Minister of State for Advanced Sciences. Not just that, unimaginably, 80% of her group involves ladies.

One doesn’t connect the Arab world with ladies being in the cutting edge of science and innovation. Unexpectedly, the broad idea is that in most Islamic nations ladies have a lower lawful status than men, which, truth be told, is valid, and that they are essentially treated as peasants. The Arab world is most popular for delivering a large part of the world’s oil, not for any major logical or mechanical accomplishments. The UAE obviously plans to correct this well known impression of Islam. However, prior to going further, a short story of the spread of Islam is called for.

The confidence had its birthplaces in Saudi Arabia. Its originator, Prophet Muhammad, passed on in 632 AD and inside a brief period, Islam spread with shocking rate everywhere on the Middle East and North Africa, even across the Mediterranean into Spain. By 1000 AD, Islam was thumping on the entryways of the Indian subcontinent. Afterward, the confidence would spread further East, into Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of China. With Muslims numbering 1.7 billion, one out of four people on the planet has a place with the Islamic confidence. As opposed to mainstream thinking, the transformations to Islam throughout the years in this tremendous region were not forcibly, but rather to a great extent deliberate. Between the eighth and fourteenth hundreds of years was the Golden Age of Islam, when the Islamic world was at the cutting edge of orders like science, stargazing, medication, reasoning and philosophy, while Europe sunk into the Dark Ages. With such a lot of Islamophobia around nowadays, it merits reviewing Islam’s great history.