May 11, 2021

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Daycare Expenses?

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Daycare Expenses?

When you hear the word ‘Hospitalisation’, it almost sends shivers down your spine. At these times, having financial support is necessary to cover the treatment cost. What better way than a health insurance plan?

Health insurance not only creates a financial buffer for unexpected medical emergencies, but also provides mental relief knowing you need not worry about last-minute payments. But now availing treatments has become easier with medical advancements. It has reduced the time for a few treatments to just a couple of hours from the earlier span of days. Thus, many such treatments do not require any hospitalisation. These treatments are referred to as daycare treatments.

What are daycare procedures?

Treatments that can be done using general or local anaesthesia and do not require hospitalisation of longer than 24 hours is a daycare treatment. Having coverage for daycare treatments benefits as not all treatments require getting yourself admitted to the hospital. Treatments like the cataract surgery, nasal sinus aspiration, tonsillectomy, treatments of the tongue like incision, excision glossectomy, etc are done within a few hours. While different plans offer different treatments under its daycare facility, it is for you to decide which one to select. When purchasing online health insurance, you must check the coverage of various treatments included in it.

What are the advantages of having daycare treatment in health insurance plans?

Cashless treatment: Majority of the treatments mentioned above are generally planned in advance. These treatments can be availed at a network hospital thereby combining the benefits of cashless health insurance along with daycare coverage. Make sure to look for both these features in your health insurance plans for family

Straightforward claims: The procedure to avail daycare facility remains the same as in-patient hospitalisation. Thus, there is no separate procedure you need to remember, be it in-patient treatment, or a daycare procedure.

Convenience: Having to pay for your treatment can be a financial burden despite having a health insurance cover. Thus, the convenience of daycare treatment ensures all costs are covered by your insurer itself.

Tax benefits: When it comes to health insurance plans, the tax benefit is a notable advantage where you not only get a cover for medical treatments, but also the benefit in your return of income.

What are things to consider when opting for daycare treatment coverage?

Sum insured: When purchasing a health insurance plan, ensuring an adequate amount of sum insured will not only cover the daycare treatments, but also extend its benefit in case of in-patient hospitalisation.

Type of insurance cover: Selecting a policy that offers all the useful features will benefit in the long run. For instance, daycare coverage, maternity cover if you are buying a policy for your family, restoration benefits, are some features that can increase the scope of your policy.

Exclusions: Take note of the policy coverage, but do not ignore the exclusions too. Exclusions are treatments that are explicitly not covered by your insurer. These exclusions might be a reason for not picking a particular insurance cover in some instances.

Co-payment clause: Being aware of the co-payment clause will help you adequately plan for hospitalisation expenses. Thus, it is recommended to select a policy with the lowest co-payment terms.

Affiliated hospitals: To avail the above mentioned cashless facility, you need to avail treatment from a network hospital. So, make sure your preferred hospital is included in the list of affiliated hospitals to seek cashless treatment even for daycare procedures.

Health insurance for senior citizens, individuals, family floater plans are some policies that include daycare coverage. Consider these nifty tips when it comes to purchasing an insurance policy with a daycare facility and have the right safety net in the form of an insurance cover for your health.