May 11, 2021

Homegrown Cannabis- Top 5 Benefits that You Should Know

Homegrown Cannabis

The medical cannabis market in the US is expected to hit 19.48 USD by 2024. Quite a significant amount? Undoubtedly, the number of cannabis users rises each day. And this can be attributed to the medical and recreational benefits of the marijuana plant. You can acquire your cannabis products from an accredited dispensary. However, many cannabis users prefer to grow their weed, thanks to the many benefits of home grown marijuana.

 What are the popular types of weed seeds?

The use of cannabis rises each day. Whether using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, it’s advisable to know the seeds. There are multiple varieties of cannabis in the market. To learn more about the weed seed categories, visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. You’ll also get information on growing weed indoors, outdoors, and the growth stages.

The common weed seed types are;

Early XXX

Early XXX is a perfect starting point for beginner marijuana growers. This type of marijuana grows faster, matures in about two months. You can grow it in the home interiors or exteriors, hence no worries about space. Early XXX is a combination of Sativa and indicia, and you expect to get 500 gms from one cannabis mature herb, and its THC level is 15%.

 Black Domino

Black domino features a spicy taste and has a very distinct flavor. It’s a full Indica herb with THC levels ranging between 20 to 25%. It’s good for users seeking relaxation or who have insomnia, digestive diseases, and chronic pain. Black domino takes about two and a half months to mature, and you’ll get about 300-500 gms of cannabis from one plant.


Unlike the name suggest, cheese cannabis plants have a sweet taste and a fruity aroma. It’s popular among many users and is a cross of multiple marijuana strains. Cheese is easy to grow, and all you need is enough space for the plant to achieve its full potential. What’s more? It’s resistant to many plant diseases, making it a cost-effective option for many marijuana growers.

THC bomb

THC bomb is one of the common homegrown cannabis plants. It’s easy to grow and is useful for its medicinal properties. It boasts of many healing properties and is a combination of Indica and Sativa. The herb matures in about three months and comes in two versions.

Dark Angel      

Dark angel seeds are favorite seed choices for beginner cannabis growers. They are a blend of Sativa and Indica and will offer that happy feeling and full relaxation. This type of cannabis plant is an excellent pain reliever in different body parts. The plant has an average THC level of 20% and flowers in two months.

Blueberry autoflower

The blueberry autoflower is useful for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Its buds contain a 14% THC level with minimum levels of CBD. It’s a great choice for cannabis users seeking that deep stoned and high sensation. It’s popular for its relaxation properties and is beneficial when taken before bedtime.

 Why grow your cannabis at home?

Homegrown marijuana comes with numerous perks. In living in states that have legalized the use and cultivation of marijuana at home, this might be an idea worth considering. Checkout reasons to grow your weed at home;

  1. Affordability

Growing your marijuana at home is cheaper compared to purchasing from a cannabis dispensary. Once you acquire the start-up requirements, you won’t have to spend more to enjoy cannabis products. When shopping for cannabis from a weed store, what you pay depends on the product strain. An ounce can cost between $ 100 and $500. However, you can get cheap weed seeds for as low as $124 and enjoy a constant supply of cannabis at home.

  1. Product purity

Recently, Canadian weed users complained of moldy buds, which led to a product recall. Smoking such a product can have adverse health effects, and growing your weed at home eliminates such risks. With the increased demand for marijuana, the use of pesticides is becoming a norm.

 However, you stay in control of the quality of your weed when growing it at home. With homegrown cannabis, you can decide on what to use and what to avoid. You also know what goes into your plants, which defines the product quality.

  1. Convenience

For medial cannabis users, moving too far away from cannabis stores can be tasking. But, growing your weed at home comes with lots of convenience and comfort. You don’t need to travel long distances or pay for product delivery. If not able to care for your plants, you can also hire a registered caregiver to help out. However, some laws regulate registered caregivers, and you should understand this beforehand.

  1. Choice of products

You’ll likely get various cannabis products in most weed outlets. What if your favorite goodies aren’t in stock? This forces you to order a different strain altogether. However, growing your weed helps deal with such issues. You can have your favorite strains any time without worrying about shortages. What’s more? You take control of your supply and quality.

In legal cannabis states, there’s a limit as per the plant count. Most states allow for six plants, and this can be extended for special medical cases. If you maintain your herbs well, you can be sure to get the right does from your plants.

  1. Own strains & Extracts

With homegrown marijuana, you can breed your own strains at home. This allows you to tailor your creations to match your preferences and needs. Once you understand cannabis genetics, you can breed what works for you and cross the strains to achieve the desired results.

That’s not all! If you fancy cannabis extracts, you can also make them at home, which guarantees quality ad potency. For example, bubble hash is easy to make, and you can take advantage of leftover trimmings from your plants to make the extract.

Final thoughts

There are different cannabis strains. Growing your weed at home allows you to choose what fits your needs. How you care for your plants defines the quality of the products. Acquire high-quality cannabis seeds and seek tips from professionals on the best strains for your location.