May 11, 2021

PDF to PDF/A: GogoPDF Over Other Conversion Websites

Conversion Websites

Almost all people convert their file documents into PDF files after some time using any devices such as laptops, cell phones, personal computers, and other devices that can access the web. It became a habit for them to protect their respective documents containing all kinds of information about them or not, confidential or not. 

Combining PDF files to other file formats also became a trend for them to edit their documents. PDF files were tougher to edit than other file formats. This rigidness of the PDF files makes it a perfect go-to file by many people for various reasons like security in terms of changes in the file and data theft. 

GogoPDF Over Other Online Converter Websites

GogoPDF allows users to convert PDF to PDFA files quickly and reliably. Many websites offer and confidently boast the same pdf to pdfa conversion as the GogoPDF. However, there ought to be some differences, maybe not in their services but how they provide these conversion services and whether or not they require payments.

Since PDF/A files can protect their content from remaining the same as the first time, it is opened or created. It is also famous for people to preserve their file documents. PDF/A format specializes in the long-term archiving of all electronic copies. Its structure and content will remain the same no matter what software is used to open such a file.

This popularity pushes online converter websites to add PDF to PDF/A conversions on their list of services offered. However, how can you differentiate GogoPDF from their co-competitors in the online market? Their differences are their affordability, security, and compatibility, which can be seen by testing GogoPDF. 

GogoPDF, unlike other converter websites, is free of charge. Offers a dependable security policy and can be accessed on all types of devices such as laptop, mobile phones, computers, and any other that can access the web. Unlike other websites’ services, which are limited in operation on specific devices or units, it is a problem for some users to convert anytime.

GogoPDF’s Advantage with its Balanced Features

The three differences of GogoPDF over other websites: Affordability, Security, and Compatibility, stems from its well-thought essential features allowing every user to enjoy every drop of GogoPDF’s commitment serve its users with diligence and utmost integrity without taking advantage of their trust and confidence.

In terms of affordability, GogoPDF has leverage over some of the converter websites, which require payments or monthly subscriptions for the users to access all their conversion services. These affordability features are also above other free online websites as, unlike them, it does not charge any hidden costs for an unexplainable number of reasons. 

GogoPDF’s privacy policy equips itself with a healthy layer of protection against illegal acts such as data loss and data theft during file conversions and transfers. It is a feature that other free online converters usually do not have, and if there is, it is typically full of holes that can be found by people intending to steal some data for various misdeeds.

The system’s compatibility is, above all others, similar to it. It can be accessed and opened using only your friend, mobile phones, or tablets. As long as you can access the web and have a stable internet connection, you can convert your PDFs into PDF/As without hassle and incomparably faster than other online websites. 

Less Intimidating Environment Providing Hassle-Free Website Navigation

GogoPDF operates solely online on the cloud. This allows the website to immediately provide options for the users to share it with others and download it on their device or upload it to their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. It also saves time from installing applications or software that will only take up space, slowing the device’s system. 

The website wants its users to have a pleasant experience while converting their PDF files. An organized interior of a website is vital to make it happen. GogoPDF’s creates its website in a way that will not overwhelm anyone who will visit it using fewer words as much as possible but all clickable ones to allow them to read it thoroughly.

This readable environment allows for more straightforward navigation around the website that can be understood by the users within minutes. The steps provided to guide the users throughout the process is also a huge plus to make their experience a pleasant one. Their privacy policy is also accessible, with FAQs about the system for more transparent knowledge. 


GogoPDF’s friendly environment goes a long way in attracting prospective users and outranking other websites. It is because of this approachable and easy-to-navigate interior that the users genuinely enjoy the fullest extent of the website’s services, unlike other free websites, in which you will face rigorous navigation to convert your PDF files.