May 9, 2021

Grow and Strengthen Your Business with Technology

Strengthen Your Business with Technology

Strengthen Your Business with Technology

The tech industry of Australia contributes about A$122 billion to the country’s economy every year. This number translates to only around 6.6% of the GDP. The top industries of Australia are still dominated by traditional ones like finance, healthcare, and retail trade. Ironically, these industries are some of the most dependent on technology.

Can you imagine a present stock market that does not use computers? How about a hospital that stores all of its patients’ information on paper? Even supermarkets use computers to track the millions of products that move through their warehouses and outlets. Estimates show that technology generates around A$5,000 of consumer surplus per Australian household every year.

That is to say, Australian households are willing to pay an extra A$5,000 every year for the added benefit that technology brings. Things like digital maps, web searches, online banking, and online shopping used to be luxuries. Now, they have become indispensable.

Despite the obvious interests and demands for information and communications technology (ICT), Australia has the second-lowest ranking in ICT share of GVA in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation. However, times are changing, and the ICT sector of the country is gradually rising. In 2017, the Australian ICT sector had 663,100 workers, which was 3.5% more than the previous year. By 2023, the ICT workforce can become 758,700.

If this trend continues or improves, the ICT sector can contribute an additional A$50 billion per year to the GDP by 2037. Once this rise starts happening, the demand for tech products will grow. If you’re an opportunist, you’ll want to take advantage of this demand to make profits. Thus, it may be a good idea to get into tech reselling. You can have a look at the  microsoft distributors australia has to get started.

Why Enter the Microsoft Market

When it comes to computers, Microsoft will always come to mind, and Australians are no different. In 2019, Microsoft Australia dealt with the Australian government to have Office 365 be available to all 98 federal government agencies. The private sector is also jumping on Microsoft products.

Australian businesses also favor Office 365 among all other cloud suites. Thus, not only is there a clear demand for technology in Australia, but also Microsoft products are leading in satisfying that demand. Finding the right microsoft distributors australia has can allow you to meet and profit from those demands.

How Technology Strengthens Australian Businesses

As you read above, although ICT isn’t the top sector in the country, it is the backbone of success for all top sectors. Even smaller businesses benefit from ICT. For example, despite the massive impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on global businesses, the ones that went digital, grew 47% faster than those that didn’t. Moreover, 35% of digital businesses rose their profitability.

By becoming a Microsoft partner and thus an official Microsoft reseller, you can help these rising businesses and others who are looking to gain as well. You will be able to provide both businesses, and everyday consumers access to digital and cloud services.

Finding a reputable company among the several microsoft distributors australia has is among the first steps to profit from the surging demand for tech. Finding the right one can help you with technical training, marketing, and sales. However, they will also help you increase brand awareness and establish a loyal customer base to have a sustainable market and, ultimately, a sustainable profit source.