April 13, 2021

How To Transition From Nursery to Child’s Room

Nursery to Child's Room

Nursery to Child's Room

Whether your toddler is climbing out of the crib or looking for extra play space for new toys, it may be time to transition to a child’s room. Even the best nursery design needs a few changes to make it a comfortable, practical and stylish child’s bedroom. Work with a Malibu interior designer to swap out those baby toys and designs for something better suited for your big kid.

Upgrade Beds

The most obvious transition is from a crib to a toddler bed. Some parents choose a twin bed with rails, while others shop for a bed specifically made for toddlers. Either way, you may need to rearrange some furniture to make room for a larger bed. One obvious way to make room is to remove your rocking chair. While a rocking chair is a staple of a nursery, it isn’t as practical or necessary for a toddler’s room.

Expand Playtime Space

While you’re removing furniture and rearranging the room, make sure you make plenty of room for playtime. An infant is content curling up on you or crawling around a small carpet, but a toddler needs much more playing space. Upgrade the play carpet for enough room to accommodate doll houses, race tracks and other playthings.

This may require some creative rearranging. Find space-saving storage, remove seating and pick up a larger carpet to make the play area feel larger for your growing child.

Review Storage Options

Toys, books and clothing needs change as your child grows, so you’ll need to alter your child room interior design to make room for larger clothes, larger toys and less diapers. What was once ideal storage space may not be suited for these changes.

Consider whether you want storage areas to be in reach of your toddler. Now that your child is growing, they may be able to open doors and drawers that an infant couldn’t. This could be a positive change if your child can put on clothes and find toys independently, but you may need to put child safety locks on other furniture you don’t wish them to access.

Update the Decor

Some nurseries are decorated with timeless artwork, furniture and paint. Others are tailored to an infant. If your big kid is feeling too old for baby animals or bright flowers, it may be time to discuss an update in your decor. Find a color pattern and wall hangings that better match your child’s current interests, or find a soothing wall tone that ages well.

You can choose to completely redesign the room, but a few small changes may be all you need. Tone down a mural, swap out artwork or remove mobiles to quickly age a room and make it an ideal space for your toddler.

Work With an Interior Designer

From a minor furniture swap to a complete interior design, work with interior designer Pacific Palisades professionals to enjoy a smooth transition from nursery to child’s room. Celebrate your child growing by updating the look, feel and functionality of their room. Work with a professional designer and your child to create a calming, inspirational and personal space.