May 9, 2021

How to Streamline Your Business Networking?

Business Networking

Business Networking

I am sure as a business owner; you have reached out to every business guru to find out about the ways in which your business networking can become strong. They have talked about business support groups and organizations that give you a platform to showcase your business.

However, according to a recent study, almost 20% of people prefer digital communications for networking. This means, your business needs to adapt to this revolution. Let’s find out how you can do it:

What do we mean with Digital Business Cards as an effective tool of Business Networking?

If it was the 20th or the 19th Century, someone would have probably recommended you Physical business cards, as they are the most effective way of doing business networking and engaging with people after a networking event or an amazing black-tie dinner.

According to a study, it showed that close to 39% of people do not conduct any business whatsoever if the cards look cheap. This means your business cards are more important than you think. However, with the advancement of technology, physical business cards are getting obsolete by the day.

So, what have people replaced them with? They have been replaced by efficient and more user-friendly digital business cards. They are the best when it comes to networking as it helps businesses reach out to their customers in the easiest way, and it helps in building a lot of instant credibility for the brand.

What are the advantages of having a Digital Business Card?

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to using a digital business card, in place of a traditional business card. These are listed below:

  1. Keeping physical business cards is a daunting task. At times, we end up misplacing them and then, and lose track of the person with whom we touched base with earlier, and that way, effective communication may be put to waste. With digital business cards, you can immediately be on the prospects’ contact list.
  2. Have you ever wondered about the amount of effort that is required to update your old band of business cards? You will probably have to end up changing the batch of cards, get it designed, and share with your prospects. With a digital business card, you can easily send them the updated version and they will be updated with your contact information!
  3. Old-school business cards have your textual information with a few visual elements. That’s simply boring. Hence, get to the innovation and have a smart video presentation about yourself in your business card and your prospect will be impressed with the added creativity.
  4. Google has already launched a free solution through which you can simply update the crucial details about you. This way, just by a click of a button, your prospects can find all the necessary information they need to connect with you.
  5. With utilities like clickable icons, you can easily place a call or drop a WhatsApp message or even a text message to discuss business and then network with your prospects, easily.
  6. Have you ever wondered if the business card that you exchanged has ever produced any value or not? Well, with digital business cards, you can easily measure the number of times they have been used and shared with someone. There are a lot of analytical tools like, tracking, and CRM tools, which you can link and target those people online.
  7. Have you ever networked with someone online through platforms like LinkedIn and Myspace? If yes, how did you decide to pass on the business card? I am sure you were wondering how to exchange business cards due to the limitation of physical business cards. Sending a photo will look so unprofessional. Hence, a digital business card can come as a savior.

Networking and Connecting has become easier

With these added advantages, you can always rely on easier networking and greater reachability for your business. This has helped businesses turn-around their sales strategy and achieves greater numbers. Multi-channel networking powered by the ease of distribution and reachability boosts business networking a lot.

So now that you know why people are shifting to digital business cards and the kind of results it generates. So, what are you waiting for? Go get going!