May 9, 2021

7 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer

Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning the bathroom is easily one of the most detested chores when it comes to keeping your living space tidy. It is not just the germs that make cleaning the bathroom disgusting but also the various nooks and cronies that one has to find and clean. However, the good news is that cleaning your toilet does not necessarily have to be such a difficult and cumbersome tasks.

Let us indulge you in a few tips and tricks to help you get more mileage from your house cleaning efforts and ensure your bathroom is cleaner and stays fresh for long.

Removing moisture is key to a clean bathroom

There is nothing in the world that delays mildew stains more than a dry shower. Keep a squeegee close to the shower – you can hang it over the showerhead – and lay down a rule where the last person to have a bathe must wipe the surfaces clean of water. This includes the walls, the bathtub as well as the doors to the shower. This task takes only a few minutes to finish but helps cut down a lot of time when cleaning in the future.

Another way you can remove moisture from the bathroom is by opening a window and switching on the exhaust fan when you are taking a shower. Oh, and remember to open the shower curtain wide when you have done so that it can dry too.

Consider coating water repellents on the wall

The advantage of a water repellent surface is that water, minerals and shampoo foam run off the surface, leaving less grime on the wall and making it easier for you to clean the bathroom. Say goodbye to scrubbing the walls every Sunday!

Although Rain X meant for windshields, it is still perfect for use on your shower wall too. You will have to reapply chemical in a couple of weeks, but it is less work than having to scrub walls regularly.

Opt for liquid soap rather than bar soap

Bar soap is much cheaper but using bar soap adds to your cleaning routine. The soap turns grimy, leaves slivers around the area, and you need to clean its holder. Make things easier for yourself by using liquid soap with a pump or a hands-free dispenser. Removing a holder from the countertop also makes the area look cleaner.

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Clear the clutter from your bathroom

Regardless of how spotless your bathroom is, if it is untidy, it will emit an unclean vibe. Take efforts to clear the bathroom of objects you no longer have a use. This includes that old bottle of shampoo you never discarded, rusted razors, old toothbrushes and the like. Clearing the bathroom of the clutter will immediately uplift the look. Do not just stop at the countertop; pull out the items in your medicine cupboard and vanity and throw away old medicine and things that not used anymore. Keep medication and items you regularly use at the forefront and neatly arrange everything else towards the back. When you are done cleaning, your bathroom will look much better than it did!

Use a long-lasting bathroom cleaner

While I pay attention to the bathroom cleaner I purchase, many grab the first one off the shelf or go for the cheapest bathroom cleaner in the bunch. This is a BIG NO.

The effectiveness of bathroom cleaners is not consistent across all filters on the supermarket shelf. Some are more efficient, and some are less. Stick to brands you are familiar with or read online for the good ones in your area. A good bathroom cleaner will do a better job at dislodging grime and most importantly, in this case, helps a sink, tub, or toilet resist stains for longer, sometimes even seven days or more.

Keep a couple of disinfecting cleaning wipes in the bathroom

I came across this tip years ago, but I quickly dismissed it, thinking it was unnecessary. However, after I did it for a week, my entire idea changed. It made my cleaning much more comfortable and shorter.

Keeping a few disinfecting cleaning wipes help you quickly wipe off a splatter, blobs of toothpaste and other similar accidental messes before they solidify and become harder to remove. Moreover, a quick swipe of the disinfecting cleaning wipes when you see a spill cuts down the amount of work you have to do when you are cleaning the bathroom at the end of the week.

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine!

On the same vein, keeping a handful of dryer sheets around can help you keep the place clean. You can use these sheets to quickly grab hair and dust off the floor without having to pull out your vacuum cleaner every single time you see a dust bunny. Again, as I mentioned above, this reduces the workload for you at the end of the week. Sometimes, you won’t even have to vacuum the place. A quick sweep and you are good to go!

When was the last you clean shower curtain?

Shower curtains see more action than almost every other part of a bathroom, but they are never washed and are replaced once in a blue moon. However, the shower curtain build-up is real. Soapy remains minerals from the water as well as mildew can build upon a shower curtain. To combat this build-up, use a cleaner (that contains bleach in its ingredients) on the bottom of the shower curtain. You do not have to bother rinsing it off. Just pour it on the curtain and let the curtain rinse it off on its own. You advised to let the shower rinse it off before you get so that you don’t come into contact with bleach.

Cleaning a bathroom is quite a hectic tasks, but by doing a few jobs throughout the week, you help reduce the workload you have to do, ensuring you can do sooner! Or you can hire professional cleaning services.